The expenses are in

[ UPDATE III: Scaramouche: A real tear-jerking ballad:

A little kitty told me that Jennifer Lynch’s expense claim for her Dublin sojourn has been released. It turns out Dougie and Debbie taxpayer are out $8,000 dollars–the cost of flying Jen to Dublin and putting her up at some shmancy hotel so she could schmooze with some fellow “human rights” hucksters.

Nice work if you can get it, I say.
The news inspired the following song revision:

Oh, Jenny girl,
Ass-wipes, ass-wipes are trawling.
They’re hunting down those “Nazis” on the ‘Net.
And as a perk, from Dublin they’re a-calling.
A lavish trip, oh, girl, how lucky can you get?
But come ye back to testify to Parliament
How censorship is needed to curb “hate”.
And charge huge fees to get “free” information.
Oh, Jenny girl, oh, Jenny girl, you take the cake.<!– –>

Read it here. ]

[ UPDATE II: Mark Steyn weighs in: The claiming of the green:

Canadian taxpayers paid eight thousand bucks for Jennifer Lynch, QC, Chief Commissar of the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission, to fly first class to Dublin to whine about me, Ezra Levant and “reverse chill” in a speech she’d already given in Montreal.

Incidentally, when I testified to the House of Commons Select Committee on Justice, Miriam Burke, the clerk to the committee, invited me to claim hotel and travel expenses for the trip. I declined, on the grounds that the Canadian taxpayer, already groaning under Commissar Lynch’s tab, should not have to bear additional burdens.

Read it here. Thanks to Mark for the link. ]

[ UPDATE: From Blazing Cat Fur: Jennifer Leach Lynch has filed her expenses…

Jennifer Leach Lynch the terminally PR challenged Chief Kommissar of the Canadian Human Rights Commission spent 8 Thousand Dollars of your money on a jaunt to Ireland to complain that Canadian Citizens are mean to her. Funny that, I mean shouldn’t we ignorant proles enjoy being told what to think by a pompous, arrogant, unelected, unaccountable bureaucrat who runs a demonstrably corrupt commission & spends our money like it’s her own? I mean who do we think are? Citizens defending our rights or something? Sheesh.

Read it all here. Thanks to BCF for the link, by the way. ]

Remember Jennifer Lynch’s Dublin whine tour? Well, the expenses from that little self-conscious jaunt have finally been posted on the CHRC’s site, for our edification:

For: Lynch, Jennifer, Q.C, Chief Commissioner
Purpose: To address the Canadian Bar Association’s National Council at their annual meeting.
Start Date: 2009-08-13
End Date: 2009-08-17
Destination(s): Dublin
Air Fare: $6,055.79
Other Transportation: $255.76
Accomodation: $1,561.85
Meals and incidentals: $463.24
Other: $0.00
Total: $8,336.64

Hmm… 8300 bucks for this? Seems like a raw deal, for her, and us.

H/t to Blazing Cat Fur via email.

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