Today’s Lynch List

Alright, here we go. There hasn’t been a whole lot of news to report lately, which is why the Lynch List has been incommunicado for the past couple of days.

First off, via Scary FundamentalistConvicts Deserve Social Justice Too:

The Human Rights racket is bankrupting our country. Granny has to wait six months longer for hip replacement so that some convict’s hurt feelings can be assuaged with your tax money.

Correctional Services Canada paid out… $200,000 for 27 settlements under the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Of course, since these are bureaucratically strong-armed “mediated settlements”, we pitiful taxpayers are not privy to the details of what horrible names these convicts were called.

Read it here.

Second, Binks of Free Canuckistan has done what he does so well yet again, with another heaping helping of links Steynian, Levantian, and Freespeechian: Steynian 396.

Third, Robert Stark writes, via the LA Nonpartisan Examiner: Organized Jewish Community’s support for hate laws will backfire:

The ADL hailed the passage of the unconstitutional “Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which according to the ADL, “provide for expanded federal involvement in investigating and prosecuting hate violence in America.” The bill is unconstitutional because it violates the 10th Amendment by granting the Federal Government authority over local and state government in prosecuting hate crimes. It violates the 14th Amendment by granting certain groups special protected status, as well the double jeopardy clause of the 5th amendment. This Bill does not provide equal protection to all Americans, instead it grants special rights to certain groups while making the rest of us 2nd class citizens.


In Canada were there are laws against hate speech, Jewish Free Speech activist Ezra Levant is concerned that the role major Jewish organizations have played in lobbying for hate speech will end up doing the exact opposite of the what these organizations claim to be fighting. “The federal anti-hate law that “official Jews” lobbied for and got passed has, 32 years later, backfired, sowing the seeds for political correctness, media chill and censorship that have undermined the values that define the Jewish People”, says Alberta lawyer, author and activist Ezra Levant.

Self Proclaimed Jewish Organizations primarily the Canadian Jewish Congress have been at the forefront for lobbying for restrictions against Free Speech. Canada has an Orwellian thought crimes enforcement Agency called the “Human Rights Tribunal .”

Read it all here. H/t to Blazing Cat Fur. Also noted by Jay’s Index.

Fourth, via Scaramouche: Value for money? What a joke!:

If you think spending eight thousand bucks to send Commissar Jennifer Lynch to a “human rights” schmoozefest in Dublin is money ill-spent, get a load of this chart (from a hot-off-the-presses CHRC report) detailing the other money purloined from the put-upon taxpayer. (No charge, apparently, for the gobbledeygook listed under the “Alignment to Government of Canada Outcomes”–but don’t forget to read the fine print because that’s where the full cost is revealed):

($ thousands)
Program Activity
Alignment to Government of Canada Outcomes
Human Rights Knowledge Development
and Dissemination Program
A diverse society that promotes
linguistic duality and social inclusion
Discrimination Prevention Program
A diverse society that promotes
linguistic duality and social inclusion
Human Rights Dispute Resolution
A diverse society that promotes
linguistic duality and social inclusion
1 As indicated in the 2008–09 Report on Plans and Priorities, the Planned Spending included an amount of $585,000 for the funding related to the repeal of section 67 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. This funding was not received in 2008–09, but was received in 2009–10 and also for future years.
2 The 2008–09 Total Authorities represent an increase of approximately $2.3 million or 11 percent over the 2008–09 Main Estimates of $20.6 million. This difference represents funding received through the Supplementary Estimates for 2007–08 operating budget carry-forward, pay list requirements not forecasted and the salary increases resulting from the signed collective bargaining agreements.
You would think with all that lucre coming in on a regular basis, Jen’s racket could at least muster the largesse to pick up the tab for what have turned out to be comically misnamed “freedom of information” requests. But as we know, in the CHRC universe “freedom of information” is as chimerical as the threat of Namaimo Nazis is all too real.

Read it here.

Fifth, from Free Dominion: Marc Lemire on Hate – the early years:

Over at Jay’s Place, Dawg linked to a thread, in turn linked to an archived Nizkor thread from August 1995, which produced this enlightening exchange qualifying Dawg’s hatred for neo-nazis and zionists alike:

The Year: 1995
The Place: Two different rooms somewhere in Canada
The Players: An Unidentified Member and Marc Lemire
The Topic: Nazi’s in the Canadian Armed Forces

Marc Lemire wrote:
Unidentified Member wrote:
Net-spammer and Nazi apologist Marc Lemire, with his White Power BBS in Toronto, is (according to him) a medic in the Canadian Armed Forces.

I am not a Nazi apologist. Where is the proof to this bullshit!

Marc Lemire wrote:
Unidentified Member wrote:
Without inviting a flame war, I would be interested in debate on the following:
– Do Canadian citizens have an interest in just who is “standing
on guard for thee”?
– Was Somalia, in fact, an aberration, or is there a more general problem?

Even in Somalia, Canadian Peacekeepers were reguarded as the best trained and most reliable. Untill the poor peacekeepers came home to a firestorm of critisism, they had high moral.

Read the rest here. Meanwhile, from Free Dominion: John Baglow and Michael Murphy, that’s holocaust denial!!

Finally, there’s Ezra Levant again; the testimonyunsteady Eddy; he speaks; at the crossroads; and a different Barbara Hall?


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