A very Keith Martin update

[ ED NOTE: I put this up on my personal blog last night, but I thought it was worth reposting here. ]

You remember Keith Martin, right? He’s the MP – Liberal – for Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, who raised a private member’s motion against Section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act. He was one of the first politicians in Canada to take a stand on the issue.

Well, that was a long time ago, and so I was a little curious about the status of that particular PMM ( by the way, you should see a button for it on my sidebar to the right ). So I sent a message to Keith Martin on Facebook and asked him about it. Here’s what I wrote:

Hi Keith,

I know this is kind of a dumb question, but I was just wondering: what is the status of the Private Member’s Motion – M-446 – that you had raised? Did it ever see the light of day, or is it still buried amongst the other PMMs?

Either way, kudos to you for raising it, and for your principled stand for freedom of speech in Canada.



And…was it yesterday? The days blur together sometimes…I got an answer from – presumably – someone in his office:

Walker, the motion itself has not come up for a vote, but there has been a lot of progress on the file. Thanks to the motion and the resulting media attention, Section 13 of the HR Act has been reviewd by a HOC committee and even the head of the HRC has said that it is flawed.

Thanks for your kind words – I’ll pass your note along to Keith

So, some rainy day, M-446 might just be the next bit of HRC-related excitement.

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