Today’s Lynch List

Alright, here we go.

First off, via the National Post: From the government, a new racist stereotype:

Read the rest here. H/t to Blazing Cat Fur.

Second, a bit of a grab bag. Voting is still open for the Infidel Blogger Awards, while in the meantime, my colleague Scary Fundamentalist joins the rest of us in shameless self-promotion… 

Meanwhile, provides a little more coverage of Ontario NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo’s private member’s bill to include gender identity within the province’s anti-discrimination laws.

Third, Kathy Shaidle writes, for The Interim: HRC industry is becoming ever more irrelevant:

The bizarre saga of Canada’s censorious human rights commissions took another freakish turn in September, when one of its own suddenly declared the very system that employed him “unconstitutional.”

Even longtime HRC critic (and victim-turned-victor) Ezra Levant was taken aback. As Levant put it at his blog when the news broke: “Two years ago, Athanasios Hadjis was a human rights hack, sitting on the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal full of other hacks. He mindlessly rubber-stamped the censorship litigation oozing from the Canadian Human Rights Commission” and issued lifetime publications bans against hapless “thought criminals” for posting politically incorrect comments on obscure websites.

Yet that day, Levant reported, “Hadjis issued a 40,000-word ruling” in the “hate speech” case of Warman v. Lemire, “denouncing the Canadian Human Rights Commission, its aggressive style and its punitive powers.” Levant continued: “So two years after being a censor himself, Hadjis now calls censorship un-Canadian, un-constitutional and illegal. He says he will have nothing more to do with it and he will refuse to implement it. Wow.”

As someone who’s chronicled the HRCs ludicrous assaults on our liberty for a couple of years now, particularly in my book The Tyranny of Nice, I was as surprised as Levant was that a defector had appeared in its ranks.

Read the rest here. Also noted at Kathy’s blog.

Fourth, from the Vancouver Sun: Girl in wheelchair forced out of Saskatoon school over funding dispute:

SASKATOON — The mother of an 11-year-old girl with spina bifida is outraged her daughter was told to pack up her desk before leaving a Saskatoon school last Friday, thanks to a bureaucratic tussle over money between school divisions.


By Monday morning, the public school division assured the Abbotts Breanna could stay at Brunskill — but only for the rest of this school year.

Abbott is pleased but says if the family is back in the same position at the end of the year, she’ll likely file a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.

Read it all here. H/t to Media dis&dat.

Fifth, Ezra Levant shows up yet again. From The South Asian Link: Jewish Book Festival Celebrates 25th Anniversary:

VANCOUVER – There’s a multitude of events at this year’s JCCGV Jewish Book Festival (Nov 21-25, 2009) with a lineup of dynamic and fascinating writers from across Canada, the US, and Israel. The popular cultural extravaganza brings high-profile authors and a wide audience from across the Lower Mainland together for five exciting days and nights. The Festival week is filled with innovative literary events including meet-the-author opportunities, literary readings, panel discussions, writing and publishing workshops, children’s authors, and an onsite bookstore open throughout the week. This year’s milestone Festival offers something of interest for all age groups and every literary taste.

Featured 2009 authors include:


Controversial writer and journalist Ezra Levant (Shakedown) sharing his provocative opinions about the Canadian Human Rights Tribunals.

Read the rest here. More coverage from the Vancouver Courier ( scroll down ).

Sixth, Arthur Mauro writes, for the Winnipeg Free Press: A new Geneva on the Prairies:

In 2012, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights will be completed and will become an international symbol, projecting the past and continuing global struggle in pursuit of human dignity. For me, it will represent the achievement of this community that has confronted the challenges of discrimination and has chosen respect for diversity and reconciliation over intolerance and conflict. This is reflected in institutions such as the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, the Winnipeg Foundation, the United Way and a myriad of other agencies all in pursuit of social justice.


In 2012, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights will bring physical reality to Winnipeg’s role in this human drama. With the opening of the museum, we should urge the federal government to locate the Canadian Human Rights Commission here in Winnipeg.

We should pursue the possibility of the United Nations opening a UNESCO office in Winnipeg, to deal specifically with the issues confronting aboriginal people around the world.

In short, we have in place the framework that can be built on to profile Winnipeg as a world centre in peace studies and human rights.

Read it all here.

Seventh, George Jonas writes for the Post:

Read it here. H/t to Blazing Cat Fur.

Finally, finding yourself brought up before a Human Rights Commission; and old friends of Barbara Hall.


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