Today’s ( short ) Lynch List

There’s not a huge amount to talk about today, but there are a couple of items.

First off, at his blog Ezra Levant talks about his next speaking engagement about Shakedown, which he will be conducting this coming Wednesday for the Vancouver Jewish Book Festival. Read all about it here.

Second, a little more commentary on the CHRT case over federal funding for Aboriginal child welfare from the Toronto Star: Opinion: Shortage of funds, surplus of suffering.

Third, from the Ottawa Citizen: Diabetic fights CIDA for Afghanistan posting:

By Hugh Adami

Bronwyn Cruden’s bitter battle to win back a foreign-aid posting in Afghanistan — which she lost because her type 1 diabetes was deemed a risk — probably won’t garner massive public support.

But her fighting spirit and persistence are remarkable, and clearly say something about the woman’s ability to tackle adversity. Two medical specialists have written that she has the stamina for the posting. They say her diabetes poses little risk to her, even in a war zone.


As well, Cruden, 38, is determined to have a child before she turns 40, so her window to get to Afghanistan is almost shut. Last fall, she filed discrimination complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, against CIDA and Health Canada. She is still waiting to hear from the commission. CIDA officials would not comment.

Read it all here.

Finally, students at the altar.


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