Today’s Lynch List

Alright, here we go.

First off, the voting for the Infidel Blogger Awards is going to be coming to an end tomorrow, so cast your ballot before it’s too late. Also noted by Five Feet of Fury.

Second, via Global BC: B.C. discriminates against disabled hunters: tribunal:

By Gerry Bellet

VANCOUVER — The B.C. Environment Ministry discriminates against handicapped hunters by not allowing them to have a designated “hunting companion” with them in their vehicles, the BC Human Rights Tribunal ruled Monday.

The ruling followed a complaint by Larry Hall, who has been hunting for 55 years. Hall has Guillian-Barre Syndrome, a disease that causes nerve damage, leaving him able to walk only short distances.

The southern B.C. hunter filed his first complaint in November 2004, and another in 2007 on behalf of the Canadian Outdoor Disabled Alliance.

Hall — one of the 100 or so hunters who is eligible for the disabled hunter special access permit — said the regulation discriminated against disabled hunters because it does not allow them to bring companions along in their vehicles to track and kill wounded animals.

Disabled hunters are only allowed to carry “non-hunting” companions in their vehicles and these people were not permitted to kill wounded animals. A non-hunting companion could only be used to retrieve killed game.

Hall said the regulation put him in a “Catch-22” in that if he shoots an animal, but due to his disability he’s unable to kill it, he contravenes section 35 of the Wildlife Act.

In a complex 75-page decision, tribunal member Judy Parrack found the ministry had contravened the Human Rights Code by failing to consider fully “the impact that the absence of a hunting companion would have on Mr. Hall and when it failed to take reasonable steps to accommodate Mr. Hall and other disabled hunters in the Kootenay Region.”

Read it here. H/t to a very mean Blazing Cat Fur.

Third, Binks does what he does so well, with another heaping helping of links Steynian, Levantian, and Freespeechian over at Free Canuckistan. His latest offering: Steynian 398.

Fourth, the Soconvivium blog has provided a nice collection of HRC-related stories that have been run by The Interim in the past. Check it out here.

Fifth, the Views From The Lake – Eh? blog writes about the Human Rights Case over, apparently, disproportional welfare spending for Aboriginal children, courtesy of the Tories: An unprincipled stand on Jordan’s Principle.

Finally, apparently I’m newsworthy; old friends of Barbara Hall; you’re not alone; and I think we’ve found the new head of the CHRC.


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