Today’s Lynch List

Alright, here we go.

First off, a bit of a grab-bag. Let Freedom RainBigCityLib, Thudfactorand Sadly No! note Mark Steyn’s latest for Macleans – Major Nidal Hasan had an enabler. Blazing Cat Fur, Freedom Through Truth, Scaramoucheand Five Feet of Fury note Binks’ latest at Free Canuckistan steynian 399.

Second, from No Apologies: CH court case next month; Learn more about it today:

The Ontario Divisional Court is about to hear the appeal Christian Horizons filed against the homosexual activist decision filed against them by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal a couple of years ago.

This and Stephen Boissoin’s case in Alberta are two of the most important cases of Christian persecution in Canada in recent years. Even Christian persecution ministry Voice of the Martyrs covers updates on these cases. These are cases where private citizens are using the law, such as it is, to launch a malicious and vindictive attack on Christians – an individual Christian and a Christian ministry/social service organization.

And in both these cases, the lines have been drawn between a fundamentalist homosexualism and loving, faithful Christianity.

If you want to understand the Christian Horizons case in these days leading up to their appeal hearing, you can purchase a book devoted to the case, explaining the various angles and aspects of the incident and the OHRT ruling. “No Sacred Ground: ‘Human Rights’ Thought Police Clamping Down on Christians” was written to explain the nature and implications of this very serious ruling.

You can purchase the hardcopy version of the book for $12 by visiting the ECP Centre’s storefront here or you can purchase an e-version of the book for only $5.

Read the rest here.

Third, via Scaramouche: Shakedown interruptus:

A little birdy (i.e. a fiery kitty) informs me that that over-the-hill peeler who complained about her employer’s ‘”agism” has had her “human rights” kvetch thrown out because she failed to comply with the Inquisition’s “rules”.

Read the rest here. More from Blazing Cat Fur.

Fourth, Ezra Levant writes Calgary’s Official Jews: as stupid as Toronto’s Official Jews, which is also noted by Blazing Cat Fur, Scaramouche, and Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury and on the NewsReal Blog.

Fifth, from Five Feet of Fury: ‘There’s never been a free-speech triple-play like this one…’:

From the Shakedown to the Lights Out to The Tyranny Of Nice, Steyn, Levant, Vere and Shaidle mark the stages of decline, and of a descent into a soft beguiling totalitarianism.

Order all three books together from SteynOnline for one low price, and we’ll throw in:

* Mark’s holiday single “A Marshmallow World”
* and one of our exclusive SteynOnline greeting cards, personally autographed to your loved one.

And don’t forget, the Flagrant Islamophobe Steyn will be happy to autograph all three books to you or your loved one in his own disgustingly flagrant manner.

Read it here.

Sixth, from SoCon Or Bust: Set Me Free:

The great and noble effort by Canadians during the past couple of years to remove the shackles of the Canadian Human Rights Commissions cannot end in a simple legal fiction which treats freedom as an end itself.  Freedom – true freedom – is not an end but a means.  It is a valid instrument exercised by a free people for the pursuit of the truth.  But, as with all instruments, it can be abused to such an extent that its abuse can become the precursor towards enslavement in almost every area of human existence – spiritual, psychological, moral, and material. 

The great danger of modern times is to either suppress freedom for some purported good, or to treat its exercise in an absolute way as if it has no legitimate moral boundaries.  In the end, both philosophies end up in the grips of tyranny.    The human rights thug wishes to impose an arbitrary system of “human rights” which tyrannizes the population by the very system he operates within, while the “free speech absolutist” tears down the boundaries of authentic freedom by eschewing the moral virtues of justice and decency. He may even have little regard for the truth.  In the end, both systems end up in the tyrannical gutter.  The latter system simply takes a little longer to ripen.

For those of us who have fought the thuggery of the HRCs, we must be wary that any mere legal victory will not keep the totalitarians at bay unless we all recognize that freedom without the truth is a cheap, legal fiction.  It will not survive unless it is at the service, and not the master, of the truth.

Read the rest here. A big h/t to Mbrandon8026 at Freedom Through Truth.

Seventh, more on the ongoing saga of the Canadian Mausoleum of Human Rights from Scaramouche.

Finally, the er, many sins of Ezra Levant; the debasers and destroyers of freedom in Canada; beware the soft Jihad; and Bernie in politics?

3 Responses to Today’s Lynch List

  1. Ti-Guy says:

    A little selective of you to avoid drawing attention to the fact-checking of Steyn’s latest effort at BigCityLib’s, no?

    But of course. Freedom of expression is no place for facts, as you have all proved over and over again.

  2. 1) The ‘fact-check’ had nothing to do with HRCs, which, you will notice, is the topic of this blog. To be sure, it had to do with an article of his that also mentioned HRCs, but the actual ‘fact-check’ had nothing to do with that particular topic. Hence, no link.

    3) I actually did link to that post on BigCityLib. You might want to do some fact-checking of your own before you start sneering about how selective I am.

  3. 3 – An addendum: my link was to BCL’s acknowledgement of the article, as that was the only context in which it had any relation to the topic of this blog.

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