Today’s Lynch List

Alright, here we go.

First off, a bit of a grab bag. Kenneth Hynek notes Binks’ latest efforts at Free Canuckistan: Steynian 399. The Brock Press notes the ongoing HRTribunal case brought against the federal government on the grounds of discrimination against Aboriginals, because of child welfare spending.

Second, via Akwesasne Womens Fire: Davis vs. C.B.S.A. Canadian Human Rights Tribunal opening statements.:

By Monica Peters

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal was held at the Nav Canada Training and Conference Centre, in Cornwall Ontario, from 9:30 am to 3:30pm, in room F141, today on Monday November 30, 2009. Onkwehonwe from Akwesasne attended and sat in the general public seating.

At about 9am, the registry officer, Nicole Bacon opened the room up and showed our group where everyone would be sitting. By 9:20 am, Teiohontathe Davis’s group rolled a dolly into the room, full of thick black binders and paperwork in boxes.

Representing Davis; Teiohontathe Davis, Katenies, Kakwerais
Representing Canadian Human Rights Commision; Nicole Bacon, Réjean Bélanger, Brian Smith (lawyer).
Representing C.B.S.A.; Sean Gaudet (dept. of justice), Susan Keener (dept. of justice), Lucinda Reading, and assistant.

Nicole was setup to sit at the front left of the room, facing everyone, where she recorded everything. The Tribunal Member, Réjean Bélanger, was setup to sit at the front center of the room, facing everyone. A table was setup at the front right of the room, for witnesses to face everyone, as they testified. Each table had a microphone.

Nicole let everyone know that an audio recording would be available at the end of each day and week, for anyone present that brought a USB drive. Two tables were reserved for each group (Teiohontathe Davis, Canadian Human Rights Commision, C.B.S.A.) to seat up to 4 people, for each group.

The general public had about 4 rows of chairs setup in the back of the room. Teiohontathe Davis’s tables were setup at the front left of the room, where Teiohontathe, Katenies, and Kakwerais sat. The Canadian Human Rights Commission tables were setup at the front center of the room, and Brian Smith represented the public. The Canadian Border Services Agency (C.B.S.A.) tables were setup at the front left of the room. Sean Gaudet, Susan Keenan, Lucinda Reading and an assistant represented C.B.S.A.

Read the rest here. Also noted by Blazing Cat Fur.

Third, two Winnipeggers, Anna-Celestrya Carr and Ali Saeed, will be the recipients of Human Rights Awards courtesy of the Manitoba and Canadian HRCs, and the Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties. Meanwhile, the Woodstock Thunder girls hockey team will be winning an award of its own from the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity.

Fourth, from Freedom Through Truth: What Happens When You Lose a Baby?

I have read a number of blog postings over at Socon or Bust, and at Catholic Dialogue about what they are calling euthanasia at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London Ontario. In their submissions, they have both chosen to go after a Roman Catholic Priest, Fr.Michael Prieur, who I know personally, from working with him for many years, and who I know to be a man of great compassion and kindness.

In a couple of the postings there were references to articles on LifeSiteNews, which made mention of particular cases where the parents of the now deceased children spoke out. I again happen to know one of the couples and discussed the issues and this particular couple with Fr, Prieur. I wrote this posting about it among others.

But, in the last several days, something has been gnawing at me, and when I woke up this morning, I had planned to write this particular piece, until I read an article at National Post. Now I am sure that I need to write this piece.

In the National Post article is a bit of the story of a couple, Barb and Tim Farlow who lost a baby at Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto, and have been on a bit of a crusade to get justice because they believe that the doctors killed their baby with drugs that were administered after Baby Annie was born. One of their problems is that they do not have the money to fight the case, and so tried to get a Human Rights complaint out of it, and a small court claim. The HRTO would not take the case because of the other court action, and the small court claim was bumped up by a judge, and therefor will drop because the Farlow’s cannot afford the attorney fees to take a case against a major well legally backed hospital.

That was the final nail in the coffin of my own personal grief that is the subject of this article. It took a long introduction to get here, didn’t it?

26 years ago, my father passed away. We were very close, and my then wife and I were very saddened by his passing. To us all, he was a great man. We had some consolation in the fact that my wife was pregnant with a child that was due near his birthday.

Read the rest here.

Fifth, wish Binks, resident Free Canuckistan freedom blogger, a happy birthday ( also noted by Blazing Cat Fur ), and, if you’re in the mood, feel free to pick up something for all his hard work from his Amazon wish-list.

Sixth, Scaramouche, who some might term the trickster blogger, has found himself a new home at Blogger, ditching his Motime digs. Check out the new site. Also noted by Blazing Cat Fur.

Seventh, Ezra Levant writes up his recent speaking engagement at the Vancouver Jewish Book Festival. Also noted by Five Feet of Fury, Scaramouche, and the ever-charming Canadian Cynic, in his usual asinine style.

Eighth, via Blazing Cat FurThere are strange things done in the midnight sun…

Did you know that as a member of the public service in the Yukon you can hire your abusive husband, the one with the extensive criminal record, as a, get this, “Team Building Facilitator”, get fired for this blatant conflict of interest and STILL have the Human Crazy Rights Commission decide you were discriminated against?

Well it’s a fact, it’s a Human Crazy Rights Commission fact.

Cheezus at least it was kinda sorta overturned.

Here’s the original “decision”

Read the rest here.

Finally ‘regulatory agencies’ (scroll down); Ezra Levant, Conservative gadfly ( scroll down );


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