Today’s Lynch List

Alright, here we go. I’m away for a few days, so I hope you appreciate this post. I’m doing it on holiday time…

First off, a bit of a grab bag. Blazing Cat Fur reminds us of the upcoming Free Speech Symposium in Ottawa on the 7th, while the ARC Collective talks a little bit about Paul Fromm and Richard Warman – with more from Gunnar Andersson. The Doggerel Party of Canada posts here, here and here on the, eh…Corgies in a Kangaroo Court; I wish I wasn’t being half serious – also noted by Blazing Cat Fur, with more coverage from

Meanwhile, Fallan Davis’ CHRTribunal case against the Canada Border Services Agency receives more coverage from The Cornwall Standard Freeholder ( with more coverage here ), and Blazing Cat Fur, while the case against the federal government because of Aboriginal child welfare spending receives more covarage from Intertribal Times. Also, The Doggerel Party of Canada notes a simply outlandish complaint before the Yukon HRC.

Second, Truepeers over at Covenant Zone writes up a forum hosted by the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver, Canadian Jewish Congress, and the Temple Sholom, with some very interesting thoughts on the Jewish antisemitism question – also noted by Blazing Cat Fur. Meanwhile, Ezra Levant keeps hammering away at the Calgary Jewish Community Council’s rather bizarre and continuing connection to Syed Soherwardy – also noted by Five Feet of Fury, with more coverage from Ruthfully Yours.

Third, from the New York Times: N.H.L. Referee Says Union Work Led to Dismissal:

By Jeff Z. Klein

In an unusual case being heard in Toronto on Thursday, a referee is challenging his firing by the N.H.L. on the grounds that it was illegally motivated by his work with the officials union.


But Warren was assigned no additional games after being elected a vice president of the union in September 2006. He had previously submitted a statement to the Ontario Human Rights Commission during the 2004-5 lockout in support of Lance Roberts, a referee whom the league had fired.

Read it all here.

Finally, a potential employee; help write the story; nominations are open; Human Rights Awards to come; Binks is on the case; The Cartoons That Shook the World, by Jytte Klausen; Elmo: Man of Influence; and the ski jumper saga continues.

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