Supreme Court to Barbara Hall: Buzz Off

Armed with their new housing policy, Barbara Hall and her OHRC are trying to gain the power to overturn city bylaws governing housing. In this particular instance, the city of Oshawa has typical bylaws that limit the number of tenants in single-family neighborhoods. These bylaws are necessary to preserve the character of neighborhoods and the resulting property values.

Thirty landlords near the University of Durham have been renting out rooms in their houses to students, often modifying them to fit as many as nine tenants in a single-family dwelling. You can guess at the resulting disruption to the neighborhood: traffic, partying, noise, and all-around bad neighbors. Property values have consequently declined.

We already know that property owners aren’t entitled to human rights in Barbara Hall’s system.

“We feel … students should have access to various parts of the city in which to live and that we all should have that kind of access, and the bottom line is that none of us can choose our neighbours,” Ms. Hall said in an interview with the National Post.

Students do have access to the homes in this part of the city. They can buy or rent one like everybody else. Don’t have enough money? Then go somewhere else.

But wait – that’s discrimination! Barb Hall says that you can’t deny someone access to your property simply because they can’t pay. (Those mansions along Granville are looking very inviting.)

I’m happy to see that the real courts of this land are waking up to the mockery of justice that these HRCs are making.

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