Today’s Lynch List

Alright, here we go.

First off, from the Halifax Chronicle-Herald: Report: Time to resurrect Halifax race relations body:

Last year, Halifax city hall’s long-awaited anti-crime study didn’t mince words when it criticized the municipality’s race relations advisory committee for being ineffective.


Public statements from elected officials and senior staff stress the city is committed to providing a welcoming environment for all employees.

“It is indeed the goal (in metro) to create an inclusive and respectful workplace culture where employees feel safe and valued and where HRM leadership remains committed and involved,” a city release said after black firefighters made race-based complaints now under investigation by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission.

Read the rest here.

Second, the Liberal Party of Canada pronounces pay equity a basic ‘human right’. More coverage of the ensuing brouhaha from Devin Johnston, and Law is Cool.

Third, from Award Winners Announced at International Human Rights Day:

Three Nova Scotians are the recipients of the Human Rights Award for their continued dedication to advancing Human Rights in the province. The awards were presented at the International Human Rights Day Event today, Dec. 10, held at L’nu Sipuk Kina Muokuom/Indian Brook House of Learning, Indian Brook.

Read the rest here.

Fourth, a bit of a grab-bag. Jonathan Kay’s article for the National Post – on Barbara Hall, and the latest ‘human-rights’ embarrassment – is noted by The Black Kettle and Free Dominion, and picked up by the National Post editorial board ( in the print edition here; also noted by GayandRight, Halls of Macadamia, and No Apologies ), while, on a related note, the Post reports:  Court slams door on student housing case.

Anishinawbe Blog notes the Canadian government’s run-in with the CHRC over Aboriginal child welfare, while Shawn Bell writes for the Slave River Journal: Child services don’t discriminate in NWT.  The Redwing Report talks about Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant’s testimony before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights a little while back, while Akwesasne Womens Fire provides more commentary on Faleen Davis’ HRTribunal case against the Canada Border Services Agency.

Meanwhile, Beltway Blips notes Covenant Zone‘s coverage of Ezra Levant’s recent appearance in Vancouver, while Blazing Cat Fur notes Jesse Ferreras’ piece: Vets mounting epic human rights battle, and Square Mile Wife notes Blazing Cat Fur’s satire on the CHRC’s Political Catholicism ‘position paper’.

Also, Alphatrade Finance and Marketwire describe the CHRC’s appointment as the Chair of the Commonwealth Forum of National Human Rights Institutions, at a recent meeting in Trinidad, while Scaramouche comments: Caribbean Queen. Finally, Xanthippa’s Chamberpot comments on the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies’ recent Free Speech and Liberty Conference.

Fifth, from the Archdiocese of Vancouver’s BC Catholic: Ezra Still Battling:

By Malin Jordan

You could excuse Ezra Levant if he was raging about what’s happened to him – he’d have every reason – but the Calgary lawyer, journalist, publisher, and author isn’t going crazy. Instead, he’s written a book and began agitating, for all the right reasons.

That’s because the father of two was forced to appear before the Alberta Human Rights Commission for exercising his right to free speech. In 2006 his magazine, the now defunct Western Standard, published cartoons of Mohammed, and an imam brought a human rights complaint against him.

Read the rest here.

Sixth, via No Apologies: Is retired officer pushing for Alberta to become totalitarian state?

The concept and language of “hate crime” has become so common in Canada that many people overlook the inherently totatlitarian nature of this thought crime ideology. It is very disturbing that a member of the former police officer would be among those pushing for such oppressive measures. But since he works in “hate crimes” today, maybe he’s just looking out for his own long-term financial interest.

The Lethbrige Herald published a very disturbing article today, “Debate over hate,” profiling the work of this retired Calgary police officer as co-chair of the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee. 

Read the rest here.

Seventh, Rightchik asks, who is the hottest conservative male? Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant both come up; alas, I can’t decide, but perhaps this blog’s female readers(r?) might be interested in having their say.

Eighth, from BC Christian Dad Backs Away from Human Rights Complaint against School District:

By Thaddeus M. Backlinski

SURREY, British Columbia, December 10, 2009 ( – A BC father who had filed a complaint with the province’s Human Rights Tribunal against his sons’ elementary school for refusing him space to hold a Bible study group has withdrawn his charge after experiencing what he described as a “storm of controversy” over his actions.

Paul Jubenvill filed a complaint with the tribunal on Dec. 1 alleging his religious rights were violated after the Colebrook Elementary School turned down his request to run a lunchtime Bible study club.

At the beginning of November, Mr. Jubenvill contacted the principal of the school his two sons attend requesting permission to start an extra-curricular Christian club that would meet for 20 minutes per week to read the Bible and pray.

The school principal, with the support of the Surrey School District, turned down his request.

The decision, wrote Assistant Superintendent John Ormond, was based on “the important fact that Section 76 of the School Act requires that schools are to be conducted on a strictly secular basis and that no religious dogma or creed is to be taught.”

Following release of the story by local media, Mr. Jubenvill found that both his intentions in starting the Christian club and in filing a human rights complaint had been blatantly misconstrued.

In a letter to the Surrey Leader, Mr. Jubenvill said “the attention given by the media, and the reaction this generated, has by no means accurately portrayed my intentions.”

Read the rest here. H/t to Daily News Worldwide.

Ninth, via Tough talk:

By Jodi Lundmark

Janice Kakegamic said when she and her friends are standing outside Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School it’s not unusual for people to drive by and yell ‘dirty Indians’ or give them the finger.

So when the chief commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Committee, Barbara Hall, came to talk to the DFC students Thursday – International Human Rights Day – the Grade 11 student’s curiosity was piqued.

“I thought it was pretty neat and I was really interested,” Kakegamic said, adding she’s planning on looking up just what rights she has a Canadian citizen when she got home that night.

And that’s all Hall was asking of the students – to find out what their rights are and to just think about the issues.

Read the rest here.

Tenth, via Canadian Human Rights Commission Welcomes a Key Decision for Deaf and Blind Persons.

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, Jan 27, 2009 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) — The Canadian Human Rights Commission applauds today’s Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decision involving Mr. Eddy Morten and Air Canada as a welcome news for Deaf and Blind persons.

Read the rest here.

Eleventh, via Closet ConservativeJudicial Jihad: The New Front of the Caliphate:

This is a good piece from The Jerusalem Post which discusses the phenomenon of lawfare. I actually like the author’s name for it better: Judicial Jihad.


This is the problem faced by many brave souls here in Canada, facing their own local versions of the Judicial Jihad. Fortunately, Mark Steyn had Maclean’s magazine and the Rogers empire backing him. Ezra Levant successfully raised funds from internet appeals as have bloggers Kathy Shaidle and Kate Macmillan. Jonathan Kay of the National Post has CanWest backing him. But many others face these costly battles alone.

Read the rest here.

Twelfth, via Gates of Vienna: Words That Must Remain Unsaid:

As we all know, Canada’s Human Rights Commissions have done a very effective job of muzzling any criticism of Islam by citizens of the Canadian Federation. Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant served as salutary examples, celebrity victims chosen pour encourager les autres. A few well-chosen prosecutions — actually, the proceedings of the HRCs don’t even rise to the level of prosecutions — can establish a climate of fear among the rest of the population, inducing docility and self-censorship.points out the technique employed Canadian talk radio host, who played the issue deftly to avoid any HRC offenses, and still made the issue clear to his audience

Unfortunately for the elite gutmenschen who would squelch all unapproved discussion, the problems that are censored out of public discourse do not go away, nor are they removed from public consciousness. Not only that, popular ingenuity has a way of getting around the chokehold placed on the media.

Read the rest here. H/t to Winds of Jihad.

Thirteenth, Richard Warman keeps himself busy testifying against white supremacist Bill White down South in Roanoke. Coverage of the event from Nikki’s Nest ( with more here ), Free Dominion, BigCityLib Strikes Back, ( site looks rather supremacist-ey, just so you know ), Kentuckyanna True News ( same deal ), White Reference ( even more so ), and The Roanoke Times ( with more here – I believe – here, here, here, and especially here ).

Fourteenth, via the CBC: Child services reports rise in northern Quebec:

Quality of life for northern Quebec’s young people is improving, despite an alarming jump in cases reported to the youth protection department, health officials say.


The increase in reported cases can be explained by an improvement in access to services, said Johanne Paquette, director of planning for the Nunavik Regional Health Agency.

Two years ago, Quebec’s Human Rights Commission released a damning report pointing to the failure of local health officials to address the distress of the population.

Read the rest here.

Fifteenth, via The National House of Prayer: Pray for the Ontario Divisional Court today:

by Richard Long,

   We have been following the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal case involving the ministry of Christian Horizons for the last couple of years.  Today is the day that the appeal is heard at the Ontario Divisional Level.  It started at 10:00 AM this morning.

If you are new to the issue please go to the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s website to learn about the background.  The outcome could affect all Christian Charities in Canada.  Therefore EFC, The Canadian Council of Christian Charities and the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops all have intervenor status.

Don Hutchinson and Faye Sonier from EFC have asked for prayer for all of the participants.

Here’s the list …

Read the rest here. Meanwhile, from LifeSiteNews: Ontario Christian Ministry in Court Today Challenging Human Rights Ruling; and from the National Post’s Holy Post blog: Religious charities threatened by rights tribunal rulings; and ‘Broad’ use of religious exemptions would lead to abuses, court hears.

Also, from Politic?: Human Rights or Downright Idiocy? (h/t to Blazing Cat Fur ); and from Voice of the Martyrs: Canadian Christian Organization Appealing Human Rights Ruling ( h/t to the Miss Marprelate Tracts ).

Sixteenth, Jacelya Jones writes for the Cook County Independent Examiner: Commentary: The danger of Sarah Palin:

Recently, the question was asked (and is sure to be asked again):  How can the words ‘Sarah Palin’ and ‘superstar’ be used in the same sentence?  Of course, the words have been used many times in the same sentence.  They’ve been paired to express irony as well as sincere admiration.  And with objectivity (or, at least, in the absence of a clear or stated agenda), the words have been paired to state the obvious:  Former Governor, Sarah Palin is a “very prominent or successful person”.  There is no escaping this fact.   There is evidence of this:  in her book sales and in the fact that she has sold out book signing events. (Read more about the ratings boosts driven by her appearances here and here.).


And in the case of Mark Steyn:

The Canadian Islamic Congress has filed ‘human rights’ complaints against Maclean’s magazine for publishing an excerpt from Mark Steyn’s book ‘America Alone,’ which the CIC labels not just ‘Islamophobic,’ but flagrantly Islamophobic: Canadian Islamic Congress launches human rights complaints against Maclean’s.

Complaints were submitted to Human Rights Commissions in B.C. and Ontario on the grounds that ‘the article subjects Canadian Muslims to hatred and contempt,’ according to a CIC press release. In the release, the CIC labels Steyn’s article as ‘flagrantly Islamophobic.’

Liberal Bullies only want to destroy people who are fully willing to debate, but don’t want to confront the real aggressors against and danger to freedom, tolerance and equality.

Read the rest here.

Seventeenth, via the Ludwig von Mises Institute: Inflating Away Our Human Rights:

By Ben O’Neill

One of the most effective ways to destroy a concept is through the process of conceptual inflation: First, expand the ambit of the concept to include contradictory elements. Then resolve the contradictions you have created through insistence that none of the elements is absolute and each element must be weighed off against the others. Finally, systematically and incrementally work to favor the bogus elements of the concept until the original meaning is totally lost.

This is what has been happening to the concept of “human rights” under the regime of antidiscrimination laws. By asserting a right to be free from discrimination, various government commissions and associated lobby groups have — for a long while — gradually undermined private property rights, which underlie our freedom to trade and our freedom of association. By doing so, these groups now claim extensive power to ride roughshod over private decisions.

Read the rest here. H/t to Blazing Cat Fur.

Eighteenth, via the Calgary Herald: Art auction to aid student’s gender change:

By Nancy Tousley


metaMORPHOS, a gala and art auction, will be held at Gerry Thomas Gallery on Dec. 17 at 7 p.m.

An art auction Thursday will help a 25-year-old art student raise the money she needs to complete the final step in a gender identity change because this procedure is no is longer covered by Alberta health care.


Earlier this year, a group of Albertans filed a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission over the decision to stop funding the procedure. Fink filed a separate complaint based on her own circumstances. The government declines comment on these matters while they are before the commission.

Read the rest here.

Nineteenth, via Reciprocity: Discrimination in the Workplace – What is the Message?

I was involved in a brief discussion on this topic with one of the professional groups I belong to on LinkedIn, which prompted me to complete this article, started earlier this week.

Discrimination on grounds such as sex, racial and ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation is incompatible with the basic principles of our Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was celebrated on Thursday, December 10th, marking the 61st anniversary of ‘Human Rights Day.’


Today, I would like to address the issue of  ‘age’ discrimination, which is of course, in direct conflict with the Canadian Human Rights Act, as well as the Provincial Human Rights Codes, which  forbid age discrimination in employment. The Canadian Human Rights Commission has launched the Discrimination Prevention Program to help employers foster respect for human dignity and human differences in their workplace.

Read the rest here.

Twentieth, Binks of Free Canuckistan does that magic that he does, with another heaping helping of links and commentary Steynian, Levantian, and Freespeechian: Steynite 402rd. Check it out

Finally, some ARC stuff; Barbara Hall’s old friends and old jobs; human rights policies run amok; Ezra v. Syed; our kind of Liberal; Bernie’s censorship opus; probably the same folks who run to an HRC ( scroll down a little ); internet censorship coming soon; nipper-tipping; 2044 days under the heel of the CHRC; Scary Nazi alert; I don’t think Dawg quite gets it regarding the ‘Speech Warriors’; an all-out attack against homophobia; and John Robson at the Free Speech and Liberty Conference.


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