Today’s Lynch List – All about Stephen edition, part III

Alright, here we go. The coverage of the Boissoin appeal, and the mentions of Stephen Boissoin,  just keep coming, and so I will provide you with the simple links, rather than trying to condense them all down. Sorry – I just don’t have the energy…

Here goes:

Got Grace? – Canada – opposition isn’t ‘hate’

Concerned for Life – Want to Save Your Kids?

Culture News – Famous Canadian Hate Speech Ruling Reversed

No Apologies – Stephen Boissoin challenges Michael Coren to public debate:

By Stephen Boissoin

Michael Coren has crossed the line and I challenge him to a public debate on the many ways that Christians can and should interact with their post-modern post-church culture (both believer and non) without compromising the ethic as outlined within scripture.


Over the last year I have listened to Michael Coren subtly and now forthrightly discredit me on the air His recent comments were over the top and outright disrespectful for one Christian to say about another, especially during such a sensitive time for practising Christians within our culture.

Throughout the last seven-plus years I have had amazing opportunities in both Canada and the United States to explain the context of my letter and God’s love for all, including homosexuals. Coren’s comments were attacking and outright arrogant and are a clear abuse of the fact that he has his own show.

I respectfully request an opportunity to defend myself and my opinion in front of Michael Coren perhaps on a show that discusses ways that a Christian can/should interact/communicate with our post-modern/post-church culture. I would love to do so with a respectful host such as Richard Landau. That is unless Coren is too cowardly to do so with the likes of us, and instead chooses to continue his cowardly shots a me while hiding behind his personal pulpit. If you are going to attack a person or their position, then have the integrity to do it face to face.

Listen to his recent comments and ask yourself how you would feel.

I am available for Calgary or Ontario (I am in Ontario from Dec 26 to Jan 4).

Read the rest here.

Press-Pass – Pastor Acquitted of Hate Crime Charge in Canada

Values Voter News – The Christian Institute reports on couple cleared in case that caused an 80% decrease in their business and Canadian pasor cleared of “hate crime” after 7 years.

Thoughts – Who won?

Free Dominion – Stephen Boissoin WINS HUMAN RIGHTS CASE [ Stephen Boissoin’s post-victory post on FD. ]

WorldNetDaily – Obama ripped for plan to bring back ‘inquisitions’

One Minion’s Opinion – Homosexuality is a problem (for you)

Miguel Diocuore – Obama plan to bring back ‘inquisitions’

Home Health Life Club – Do You Find That Anti-same-sex Marriage Arguments Can Be The Funniest Pieces Of Writing Ever?

The Christian Messenger – Canadian pastor cleared of ‘hate crime’ after 7 years

The Crosstalk Blog – *Important Update* Canadian, British Free Speech Victories

No Apologies – “Too many more victories like [Boissoin’s] and we’re lost.” – Ezra Levant

Catholic Insight – Attacks on Freedom of Religion and Conscience

Dispatches From The Culture Wars – The Worldnutdaily’s Phony Hysteria on Hate Speech

Northern Light – WORLD NET DAILY — Obama ripped for plan to bring back ‘inquisitions’

Paul Schneidereit, for the Halifax Chronicle-Herald – Iran’s secret nukes, plus sanity (finally) in court

Religion Law Blog – Harassment and Hatred in Liverpool and Canada

Blazing Cat Fur – Albertans can now speak a little freer than before

Karen Selick, for the Globe and Mail – Albertans can now speak a little freer than before

WorldNetDaily – Tab for refusing to photograph lesbians: $6,600

The Voice of the Martyrs – Update: Judge overturns hate speech ruling against Canadian pastor

The Perpetual View’s Blog – Tab for refusing to photograph lesbians: $6,600

Free Dominion – ‘Witch hunt’ expected under new U.S. ‘hate crimes’ law – Comment on free speech ( scroll down )

No Apologies – Homosexual terror worked against backslidden church – and ‘Christians are the new Negro’


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