Today’s Lynch List

Alright, here we go.

First off, it seems that Richard Warman has actually done some good for once, and helped send a piece of neo-Nazi scum by the name of Bill White to jail in Roanoke. Coverage from Anti-Racist Canada, Lady Liberty’s Lamp, One People’s Project, and White Reference. Click some of the links at your own risk.

Second, via Abuse and Coverup by Quasi-Judicial System in Alberta: Will Federal Investigation expose Human Rights Violations in Alberta:

December 10th 2009 U.N human Rights protests across Canada were hampered by cold weather,as many permanently injured workers are affected by cold/ damp weather and were unable to make it out, but that did not stop those that were able to get to their MLA/MPP’s offices or to the Provincial or Federal Human Rights Offices. In Edmonton Alberta, one person had approached the Provincial Human Rights office, was not carrying any signs or making any comments what so ever, he went up into the office looking for other friends that he was to meet there. When he approached the main door he was confronted by a security guard, who then escorted the man off the property before the protest even started.

Canada Place the building downtown Edmonton which houses the Federal Human Rights Commission, was a similar story with a twist. Two disabled men had been carrying signs regarding Human Rights violations, when they approached the face of the Canada Place, a lady came running out, no coat or anything to protect her from the -20c weather, asked for a brochure that the men were handing out, as they watched her run back into the building they noticed a group of people taking pictures of them from inside, so in true protest fashion they in turn took their own pictures of those watching them.These two men never went into Canada Place but yet they were told to leave, as they were on private property, 1 it is a federal building, 2 the sidewalk is public property. The two men were threatened by Canada Place Security Commissionaires that if they do not remove themselves from the property the Edmonton Police Service were on hand to escort these men away or possibly arrested. Some passers bye had over heard this and came to assistance the disabled gentlemen, those people were telling the Commissionaires that it was indeed public property and they had no right to remove those men for a peaceful protest. It has now come to our attention that those commissionaires were informed by the Private managing company what to say and how to execute the procedure of removing these men from outside the building, there is probably more to this story on that part that hopefully will come out of the Federal Investigation that has been started due to this situation.

Read the rest here.

Third, check out the last thirty seconds or so of this vid:

H/t to Blazing Cat Fur.

Fourth, via the Toronto Star: Tribunal to probe ‘no-fly’ case:

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal will conduct an inquiry into why Air Canada barred a Toronto editorial cartoonist from boarding a domestic flight, probing for the first time the often-controversial issue of no-fly lists.

Shahid Mahmood, a Toronto-born architect and cartoonist, has been fighting since May 2004 to find out why the airline stopped him from travelling from Vancouver to Victoria.

More than two years after asking the Human Rights Commission to investigate his claim of racial profiling, the deputy chief commissioner wrote Mahmood this week confirming that the evidence shows he was flagged, but that Air Canada “provided contradictory explanations” as to why.

“Having regard to all the circumstances, further inquiry at the tribunal is warranted,” David Langtry wrote.

Mahmood said Friday that he was delighted by the news but amazed it has taken so long to get answers.

Read the rest here.

Fifth, via The Cornwall Standard-Freeholder: Video of alleged incident introduced at tribunal:

By David Nesseth

CORNWALL — A Canadian Human Rights Commission representative said there is a “mistrust” of the CBSA after it claimed to unearth its own video surveillance footage of an alleged racial profiling incident more than four years after the fact.

The tape was introduced on the day initially intended to be the final hearing for a local Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, which is examining the claim of Akwesasne resident Fallan Davis vs. Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Davis says she was targeted for a vehicle search by the CBSA on Nov. 18, 2005, because of her native heritage. She claims customs agents were aggressive and verbally abusive towards her during the 45-minute search process.

“…How can we ever have faith that proper inquiries have been made by the CBSA?” asked Canadian Human Rights Commission representative Brian Smith, who noted several other requested items the CBSA has assured are unavailable.

Read the rest here.

Finally, old friends of Barbara Hall; I challenge you to a debate; er, moronic, not pharaonic; and hate crimes, hate crimes everywhere.


2 Responses to Today’s Lynch List

  1. @Nicole, you look like you know what you’re talking about. Do you care shooting me your email address? I would like to chat more with you.

  2. Sharon says:

    Re: CBSA video — This post was really useful and now the link to the newspaper article doesn’t work because it is archival material. I would suggest next time that articles be printed in full if possible. I’m going to try to track it down but it looks as if even the Toronto Public library might not have back issues.

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