Border Security to be Compromised, Again

In another chapter of the Human Rights mantra, “if it feels good, sue it”, another allegation of racial profiling has been submitted as a complaint to the CHRT, based solely on the complainant’s feelings.

Charmaine Archer was traveling back to Canada from Jamaica, and upon arrival in Ottawa was strip-searched by security officials when they found traces of heroin and THC on her toothbrush. But, alas, the reasons for the search are irrelevant compared to the complainant’s feelings…

“I was the only black person on that flight and I was the only one in there being searched,” she said, of the flight from Philadelphia to Ottawa, the final leg of her trip home from Jamaica. “I have all reason to assume it was racial profiling.”

In Canada, the procedures for border security checks are, apparently, dictated by those who are being searched:

Despite the reported traces on her toothbrush, Archer says the search should have stopped when no other evidence of drugs was found among her belongings.

Here’s your seat ma’am, right between two religious-looking young bearded Saudis in white robes and puffy jackets – we didn’t want to search them or put them through the metal detector because they might bring a complaint against us…

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4 Responses to Border Security to be Compromised, Again

  1. Oh – my bad. Merry Christmas to you too! Or Merry Boxing Day, at least.

  2. Scary Fundamentalist says:

    Thanks Blaze! A belated one to you too, Walker.

  3. And to you as well, Scary. And thanks for all the posting.

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