Today’s Lynch List

Alright, here we go.

First off, Binks does that thing he does, over at Free Canuckistan, with another heaping helping of links and commentary: An Happy & An Merry, 2009.

Second, a bit of a grab bag. Searching For Liberty notes the potential effect that a recent Supreme Court decision could have on our man Warman, while The pages of Ricky Earle, The Omega Letter, and note the Boissoin appeal decision. Meanwhile, How To Propose writes a brief Q&A for Ezra Levant.

Third, via the CBC: Tribunal to probe Air Canada over boarding refusal:

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal will begin an inquiry into a complaint lodged by a Toronto man who says he was unfairly prevented by Air Canada from boarding a flight 5½ years ago.

Shahid Mahmood, an architect and political cartoonist, was not allowed to enter a Victoria-bound flight from Vancouver in May 2004. However, Air Canada gave his Chilean-born wife clearance to board the same flight, he said.

Mahmood said the ticket agent told him he had been “designated high profile.”

Mahmood, who is of Muslim-Pakistani heritage but was born in Canada, alleges Air Canada engaged in racial profiling, a charge the airline carrier has repeatedly denied.

Read the rest here. More from, and Scaramouche.

Third, via Blazing Cat FurMerry Christmas Heathen Overlords and I hope you received a Lump of Coal:

Gee nothin says Christmas Day like a visit from the CHRC!

I dunno, do we roo’fully express a reluctant admiration for the unholy zeal of our Stasi wannabe’s at the Canadian Human Rights Commission, or mourn the fact they might be receiving Triple Overtime Rates for working Christmas Day? What motive could they have to desecrate this sacred day? Are they perhaps planning to haul Santa before the ‘Roo Kourt?

Read it here. Also noted by Scaramouche, who penned this little ditty in response:

See the holly jolly censor,
At the best time of the year.
Even though there’s mistletoe
They’re busy spreading “cheer”.
See the holly jolly censor.
Keepin’ tabs on all who “hate”
Don’t relent, make ’em repent
‘Cause they “discriminate”.

Grinch, Grinch, not Jenny Lynch,
So virtuous and pure.
Wants a utopia.
Means well, that’s for sure.

See the holly jolly censor
And in case you disagree.
Oh, by golly
Tell the holly jolly censor:
“Bite me!”

Read it here.

Fourth, via Richard Warman: Human Rights Legislation in Canada (Part 1):

Read‘s post here.

Fifth, the HRCs are a topic of discussion in the Full Comment Podcast‘s year in review for 2009. Check it out.

Finally, July-August headlines ( scroll through ); Merry Xmas to mecourt papers from our man Warman; the ski-jumper saga continues; the tyranny of human rights (h/t); and best political book ( scroll down ).


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