Today’s Lynch List

Alright, first post of the New Year.

First off, a bit of a grab-bag. Howard Levitt’s article for the Financial TimesTribunals seem out of touch with the times – also appears at Also noted by Blazing Cat Fur. Messiah’s Branch “Prophecy Hour” End-Time Radio!, and Mywire note the Boissoin case and appeal, while at the end of one of his posts, my friend Mbrandon8026 from Freedom Through Truth has a great line about Barb Hall and the Ontario Human Rights system that you should check out.

Second, a look back on the year that was from Jay Currie: Year End File Review:

Some quick hits:

Free Speech – the CHRC has turtled in the wake of the Lemire decision. It is possible that Harry and Arthur will go at it in the new year; but it is equally possible that the matter will be dismissed. One thing which has certainly happened is that the CHRC has taken a rather narrower reading of Taylor. The Justice Committee hearings have been informative and the Coward Lynch proved she could cling to a set of talking points like chrome to a bumper.

Read the rest here. More year’s-end ruminations from Cornucopia of Books.

Third, Mohamed Elmasry seems to be having a hard time getting recognition where recognition is due, these days. From ScaramoucheElmo’s Successor Accuses Kenney of a “New Low”:

The lovely and talented Wahida Valiante pens this missive to that Jew-lover, Jason Kenney (my characterization, not hers, at least not in print) With my comments in brackets:

As national President of the Canadian Islamic Congress, I take strong exception to Minister Kenney’s characterization of the CIC as an organization that apologizes for”…errorism or extremism, or who promote[s] hatred, in particular anti-Semitism.”

The CIC is – and always has been — unconditionally opposed to terrorism, extremism and the promotion of hatred against anyone, anywhere. The CIC also unequivocally opposes anti-Semitism. (We loooove Jews–it’s those awful “Zionists” who are such a humungous pain in the buttsky.)

However, the CIC also opposes those who blatantly and dishonestly characterize fair comment on Israel’s atrocities in Gaza as “anti-Semitism.” (“Fair comment”–lies, slanders, smears and distortions, all aimed at getting rid of that uppity dhimmi Jew state and replacing it with “Palestine”. In the name of “human rights,” “social justice” and all that other good stuff, of course.)

And perhaps most importantly, we oppose Mr. Kenny’s debasing of political discourse in Canada to ad hominem attacks and egregious dirty spin tactics. (This from the organization that tried to comandeer Maclean’s Magazine so it could print its pro-Islamist spin; an organization that sought to snuff out free speech in Canada–placing it fully in line with OIC thinking on the issue.)

Under the current Conservative government, political dialogue has sunk to a base level where even a former cabinet minister – Irwin Cotler, a Jew recognized as international and human rights law expert and a strong supporter of Israel – can be smeared as “anti-Semitic” when the government thinks it will help its clumsy efforts to garner support from Jewish Canadian voters. (Very clever–playing the Cotler card, I mean. But as it turns out, not terribly accurate. Cotler was derided for criticizing the Conservatives to pointing to their peerless record of standing up for state of Israel, both in Canada and in international fora, like the Durban 2 abomination. As far as I know, such indefensible antics resulted in people calling him a suck-up and a doofus, but I’m not aware of anyone accusing him of being “anti-Semitic”–because, well, that would be ust plain stupid. Something Wahida made up, perhaps?)

Minister Kenny stated: “We have ended government contact with like-minded organizations like the Canadian Islamic Congress, whose President notoriously said that all Israelis over the age of 18 are legitimate targets for assassination.”

What Minister Kenny fails to tell his audience is that those comments made by the CIC’s past president do not reflect the position of the CIC under my administration (since October 2008). (Yeah, under Wahida, Elmo Number Two, it’s a whole ‘nother CIC.)

Mr. Kenny wouldn’t know that because he “ended government contact” with the CIC before ever having any contact with me. Moreover, he has refused any overtures to meet me since I took office. And so the first female president of a national Canadian Islamic organization has been denied any chance of meeting with a federal cabinet minister, based solely on comments made by that organization’s past president. (Kenney has your number, lady–that’s why he’s rebuffed your “overtures”.)

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper would not assume responsibility for words spoken by Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, so why should I be held unjustly accountable for those of my precursor in office? (Why? Because you have said and done nothing to prove that your organization has turned over a new leaf under your lead; because week after week your website obsessively targets and calumnizes Israel.)

Perhaps the saddest note in all of this is not simply the choice of words Minister Kenney uttered at the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism, but the intrinsic meaning of the performance itself – a Canadian cabinet minister standing on a foreign stage, mouthing deceits about fellow Canadians that only serve to set one Canadian against another. (Wahida accuses Kenney of  speaking “deceits”–i.e. lies–but fails to mention a single one of them. Funny, that.)

This is a saddening new low for Canada. (Nuh uh, nowhere near. It’s a thrilling, spirit-lifting new high, something all freedom-loving, jihad-despising Canadians should be proud of.)

Read the rest here. Mark Steyn comments: Elmo? Who’s he?

Scaramouche decodes the latest press release from Wahida Valiante, president of the Canadian Islamic Congress.

Much of it is just predictable whiney drivel about being (at least temporarily) shut out from access to A-list ministers and the spigot of taxpayer gravy, plus a curious stylistic tic which suggests President Valiante sees being president of the CIC as akin to being president of the USA: She speaks about policies pursued “under my administration”. What exactly does the CIC “administer”? I know they attempted to establish a de facto and de jure right to administer the opinions of Canadian citizens, but they got given the bum’s rush over that.


What’s interesting is the way President Valiante disowns at some length “the CIC’s past president” and deems him so persona non grata she won’t even use his name in the communique. This Mohamed is now as unmentionable as the other Mohammed is undrawable. This too is fallout from the Maclean’s case and the campaign to restore free speech in Canada. Over the last two years, every illustrious figure on the pro-censorship side has been diminished – from Jennifer Lynch, QC to Stormfront member Richard Warman, and now to Elmo himself. Even the CIC understands that. Happy New Year, Elmo – and here’s to more of the same in 2010! 

Read the whole thing here.

Finally, and oh! the humanity of the dunces ( scroll down ).


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