Psst! Hey kid – want a job with the CHRC?

I see that the CHRC is offering a nice gig for counsel. Via the Public Service Commission website:


Department Name: Canadian Human Rights Commission
Location: Ottawa
Classification: LA – I – 02
Salary: $75,622 to $108,241 (Salary under review)
Closing Date: January 5, 2010 – 23:59, Pacific Time Useful Information
Reference Number: HRC09J-009132-001392
Selection Process Number: 2009-HRC-EA-LEGL-098
Employment Tenure: Permanent Position and term. A pool of qualified persons resulting from this process may be used to fill similar positions with linguistic profiles and/or requirements, as well as tenures, which may vary according to the position being staffed.
Vacancies: Anticipatory process

Website: For further information on the department, please visit Canadian Human Rights Commission

Hey, could be fun. Personally, I’ve made myself open for a cushier gig in a leadership position, preferably something which would permit me the occasional expensive trip to Geneva.

Still though – who knows what could await?


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