Vancouver Sun Refuses to Whitewash Corren Agreement

One major misconception about the Corren Agreement is in the role of the Correns themselves.

The agreement between BC’s Ministry of Education and homosexual activists, struck in the face of a Human Rights complaint, was unprecedented in entrenching the involvement of select private citizens in both mandatory and elective curriculum. Peter and Murray Corren were given court-enforced approval powers over the curriculum makeover. In addition, they had a primary role in the drafting of a Social Justice 12 elective, which I previously posted about here.

Any of the BCTF officials or politicians of both parties that I’ve spoken to deny that the Correns have any ongoing special privileges. A letter-writer to the Vancouver Sun asserts as such, and suggests that a previous article be corrected. The article in question stated:

[The government] agreed to consult with the Correns regularly to ensure they approved of what it was doing.

Thanks to reporter Janet Steffenhagen, she rebuts the complaint with the truth:

The agreement stated repeatedly how the Correns were to be consulted throughout the process and says: “In the event of a disagreement between the parties as to what constitutes compliance with one or more terms of this Agreement, the parties agree to request the chair of the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal to appoint a mediator to continue the mediation services previously provided by the Tribunal in relation to Complaint Nos. 75 and 941. In the event that mediation is unsuccessful, the parties acknowledge that the Agreement is a binding contract and is enforceable by the Supreme Court of British Columbia as provided by s. 30 of the Human Rights Code.”

So yes, government would ultimately decide how to proceed, but had it not acted in a way that satisfied the Correns, the matter would most likely have been bounced back to the tribunal and/or gone to court. (After a 10-year battle, I doubt they would have given up.)

A journalist does some research instead of bowing down to the PC gods. Miracles do happen after all.

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