Today’s Lynch List

Alright, here goes.

First off, a bit of a grab-bag. Tundra Tabloids, Jihad Watch, Mega Glomerate Main-Stream Media, and Jay Currie note Syed Soharwardy and co.’s fatwa against Islamic terrorism against the back-drop of Soharwardy’s complaint against Ezra Levant before the Alberta Human Rights Commission, while Free Dominion notes Howard Levitt’s article – Tribunals seem out of touch with the times.

Second, our old friend Haroon Siddiqui writes for the Toronto Star: How the Harperites are eroding one of Canda’s foundational pillars:

Governments of all political stripes being pamphleteers, we need not get too exercised about the new citizenship guide issued by the Harper government, except for one point, which we shall get to in a moment. As critics have noted, the 51-page guide, meant to be non-partisan, has a decidedly Tory tilt.


What Kenney is up to is quite clear. He is pandering to the prejudices that have crept up about multiculturalism. What was a grassroots demand four decades ago is now derided in some circles as divisive. We know why.

“The difference, let us be honest with ourselves, relates largely to race and non-Judeo-Christian religions” that now define our demography, writes Max Yalden in Transforming Rights. He knows whereof he speaks, having implemented the B & B report, first as Official Languages Commissioner and then Human Rights Commissioner.

Read the rest here. Again, with the Max Yalden.

Third, via the Post’s Full Comment: National Post editorial board: There’s no (sane) comparison:

Read the rest here.

Fourth, Douglas Chalke writes, for Kentucky Family Law Blog: Adoption and The Workplace:

Barb and Maxine work for a large corporation whose profit for the last quarter was $400 million. Both women are new moms, currently at home caring for their children. Barb will be at home for 52 weeks and will receive 85% of her regular salary. Maxine, on the other hand, is able to stay home for only 35 weeks during which she receives 55% of her usual salary. What’s the difference? Barb is a biological mother; Maxine is an adoptive mother.


As a result of complaints we received about how adopting parents were treated in the workplace, Sunrise conducted a limited and informal poll of its clients to see how widespread the differential treatment of adoptive and biological parents by employers is, and we were stunned by the responses. Many of our clients reported situations in which a biological parent receives top up payments, while an adoptive parent is refused. Here are some examples of what we heard:

Government of British Columbia: The B.C. Provincial Government is one of least discriminatory employers we heard about. It offers a top-up to both biological and adoptive parents (to its unionized and non-unionized employees.) It also offers adoptive parents a ” Pre-Placement Adoptive Leave.” This leave allows adoptive parents to attend pre-placement visits for their homestudy or to complete legal requirements for the adoption while collecting 85% of their regular salary.

Government of Canada: A federal civil servant, who is an adoptive parent, received 93% of her wage by top-up for 37 weeks. The real irony is that the Federal Government treats its adoptive parent employees better than most employers do, but discriminates against all adoptive parents with its EI policy!

Police: The RCMP (a federal government employer) offers both adopting and biological parents the top-up for 37 weeks. Other police forces in British Columbia (Municipal forces) generally do not pay the top-up to adoptive parents. (The municipal public force in Saanich, B.C., however, does pay the top-up for 37 weeks).

Municipalities: One adopting parent reported that the Municipality she worked for finally gave her the top-up right after she filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission.

Read the rest here.

Finally, old friends of Barbara Hall; real human rights; and last nail in the coffin?


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