You’re Using My Tax Dollars For This?

A business in the entertainment industry dares to specify different dress restrictions for men and women. Off to the Tribunal we go. An excellent use of the resources of the productive.

The nightclub has one set of dress restrictions for male customers and another for female. What a shocking public acknowledgment of biological truth. In our rightsish society, we cannot have the right to acknowledge the biological and clothing differences between male and female customers, truth be damned.

It is, indeed, a little more complicated than that. The nightclub insists on sleeves for male customers in order to cut down on the display of gang tattoos. The same rule does not apply to women, since they seldom, if ever, have such markings identifying them as having allegiance to a criminal organization. Women have the right to be treated like potential gangsters too, I guess.

Both the provincial Bar Watch association and the police want to intervene on behalf of the nightclub. Both organizations need to pay for lawyers and other personnel to travel and attend in order to fend of this ridiculous complaint.

How this is a human rights issue is beyond me. How people can ignore the flushing sound of their tax dollars going down the drain is even more confusing.

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One Response to You’re Using My Tax Dollars For This?

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