The Lynch List, 1 Feb 2010

All right, here we go. It’s my first try at a Lynch List. Go easy on me, okay?

First, comedian Guy Earle is slated to appear before the Human Rights Tribunal on March 29, 2010.  And he’s not joking when it comes to describing how the complaint process has affected him:

They don’t care that two years of my life is GONE. There is no concept of the damages they cause, the opportunities I’ve lost… Wow, you thought I was bitter BEFORE? Well, now I’ve become so bitter I can’t perform. In alot of ways, they’ve won already.

Also noted by Jay Currie, Five Feet,  and the feline who always seems to get there an hour or two before I do.

Second, blogger Scaramouche digs up an old press release from 1997 to remind us that web censorship was a long time coming:

And if punishing the Zundels entails throwing free speech to the slavering jackals and handing sweeping powers to a bunch of intrusive, power-hungry ideologues–in essence, assassinating free speech a mari usque ad mare–well, so be it.

Third, over at Inside the Hotdog Factory there is a hilarious parody of Canada’s institutional insistence that it never offends anybody: Five Guys. Also noted by BCF.

Parting Shot, in which I swing into full editorial mode: A tremendous job of narration in a video (that has obviously been meticulously proofread for grammar and spelling) insists, with a straight face, that our soldiers fought and died around the world for decades, only for the human right of:

Freedom of speech? Nope.

Freedom of religion? Nada.

Equality before the law? Um, no.

They apparently fought and died for their human right to have their own special parking stall at Tim Horton’s.


3 Responses to The Lynch List, 1 Feb 2010

  1. Good job. I like how you included the date in the title of the post – wish I had thought of that :)

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