The Lynch List, 3 Feb 2010

First, a thankful reversal of a bizarre earlier BC Human Rights Tribunal ruling against ICBC. The Tribunal had denied a request by ICBC to dismiss a complaint, ruling that it had grounds to proceed. The complainant alleged that ICBC was discriminating on the basis of disability when it denied injury claims because of “Low Velocity Impact”. The BC Court of Appeal upheld a decision to overrule the Tribunal by the BC Supreme court, in which it called out the Tribunal on its legal thought process (or lack thereof):

[The Tribunal Decision was] not based on reason and principle, and…therefore, arbitrary.

Second, more commentary on the Guy Earle case, from Mark Steyn, in which he offers some sage advice:

Guy Earle sounds like he could use a bit of Ezra-type advice right now, so for what it’s worth here it is: Get on with your life. Do comedy shows. Do a show somewhere in Vancouver while the trial is on, even if you have to rent the room yourself. You’re a full-time comic and a part-time defendant, not the other way round. And, if you do talk about the case, don’t meet ’em halfway by talking bullshit about making donations to “women advocate groups”. The only issue is this: Canada is now a land where the state regulates comedy acts.

Also noted by BCF, Deb Gyapong (below), Scaramouche,

Third, we all wish Binks of Free Canuckistan a speedy recovery, but it seems that he can’t stay away from blogging for long – Fresh Steynian #405nd. Deb Gyapong expresses her best wishes to Binks and comments more on the Guy Earle snafu.

And finally, follow the international battle for free speech, currently being fought in an Amsterdam courtroom. Vlad Tepes has constant updates, and visit Walker over at Defend Geert Wilders!


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  1. Thanks for the Defend Geert Wilders link!

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