The Lynch List, 4-Feb-2010

Here we go again…

First, there is lots of commentary in the newspapers and blogs about the Mohawk decision to ethnically purify their lands. SDA points out that a long-standing ban on mixed marriages has existed in the Mohawk reserve since the 1980s, and was upheld, believe it or not, by the Human Rights Tribunal. Also noted by Raging Tory and Searching for Liberty.

Second, Jennifer Lynch is trying desperately to save her speech-censorship gig by putting perfume and flowers on Section 13 – thanks to Scaramouche for noticing this one. He opines:

Why on earth does the CHRC continue to purvey the fiction that it only goes after “the most extreme” speech? May I suggest it’s all smoke and mirrors, designed to lull Canadians (who don’t really comprende the whole “free speech” thing, at least not in the First Amendment sense of it) into believing that state censorship is okay because it only messes with the most “extreme” utterances–and what nice Canadian wants to sanction that type of nastiness? May I further suggest it’s because Jen is determined to hold onto the power that accrues from being able to decide what is and isn’t acceptable speech in the land.

Mark Steyn has already commented on it this morning:

…this is complete rubbish. By the time the Maclean’s case was under way, Commissar Lynch’s dress-up Nazis had long since flown the coop of any “restrictive definition”.

I will be posting on this, later…


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