The Lynch List, 8-Feb-2010

A lot happens when you’re out for the weekend.

First, in another installment of When Two Leftist Principles Collide, there is more friction between unions and Human Rights Commissions. The BC Maritime Employer’s Association has launched a Human Rights complaint against the longshoremens’ union for their treatment of their female members.

The complaint, filed this week against the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, follows a 2009 report by veteran mediator Vince Ready that found women dock workers in B.C. experienced “overt, significant and sustained harassment”, including an “ugly girl” system for assigning work and being offered access to better jobs in exchange for sexual favours.

…The average ILWU member earns $90,000 a year plus a good benefits package for working just 1,200 hours a year, Mr. Smith said, and the union has tended to favour insiders, making inequities worse over time.

Second, Abdur-Rahid Balagun is keeping his battle with the Canadian Forces going over their insistence of a credit check. He started a blog, replete with the same grammatical quality as his previous comments here.

Third, more commentary on Guy Earle’s BCHRT case, from No Dhimmitude (with a language-alert video of Earle!), Post-Darwinist, the Daily Rasp,

Fourth, an article on ChristianWeek on the Christian Horizons case before the OHRT, pointing out some obvious contradictions within the way the Tribunal views a Christian organization:

…the human rights tribunal agreed that Christian Horizons is a Christian organization. But it said that because it does not fit within the exemption, it cannot be discriminatory in its hiring. This means that it cannot either require or prefer that its employees be Christian.

This reduces Christian Horizons to being a social service agency. It is not possible to continue to be a Christian organization if you can’t ask employees to be Christian.

Fifth, a column in the Toronto Sun by Salim Mansur, “Stifling Free Speech is Not Really Free“:

The irony lost upon those eager to protect others from being offended by the exercise of free speech, particularly when it comes to the subject of religion, is that such offence was the necessary solvent for the reform of Christianity and the church — reforms that contributed to the making of the modern, secular, liberal and democratic West.

h/t BCF

In a final grab-bag, the BC Human Rights Tribunal assumes jurisdiction over a federally regulated industry, the Star continues its campaign to label Toronto police as racist, the latest installment of Five Guys, and a bunch of random posts from the N-Post’s Joseph Brean, including a conviction for a death threat against a well-known Section 13 litigant overturned (scroll down).


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