The Lynch List, 11-Feb-2010

First, Scaramouche compares the EU’s attempt to muzzle Geert Wilders to the speech-control fanatics in Canada.

Second, Xanthippa’s Chamberpot has Pat Condell commenting on Geert Wilders:

In the most determined statement of Dhimmitude we have yet seen in Europe, and that’s saying something, the Dutch authorities are pushing ahead with the prosecution of an elected parliamentarian for the crime of embarrasing them with the truth.

…they’re like somebody who is prepared to chop off their own hand to avoid being seen scratching their ass in public.

Third, Amir Attaran, of “I have a human right to reproduce” fame, surfaces yet again, hurling more accusations of racism. This time, at the Canadian Government.

Fourth, an Aussie laments the “progress” of the modern world into something that was only imagined in dystopian fiction novels, with Canada first and foremost:

All these laws may seem like they were enacted with good intentions, and perhaps some were. But the outcome remains the same: a radical diminution of freedom of speech, increased powers of the State, and encroaching government-enforced Correct Think

Parting Shot: The Toronto Star still doesn’t get it. They don’t deny that crimes in Toronto are disproportionately committed by people of color, yet whine and complain when people of color are stopped and questioned more often than police. They make absurd allegations…

But the one lesson we should have learned from the 20th century is that we must fear any police force that compiles dossiers on any single group in society.

…as if these “cards” they speak of are never filled out for white people.

The next time a shooting occurs, and the police are quickly hunting down possible witnesses and suspects, there better be both a Human Rights expert and a Toronto Star reporter to make sure that a proportionate number of each race is stopped and questioned. Better yet, maybe the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal can mandate that whites must be involved in as much crime as minorities…


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