The Lynch List, 12-Feb-2010

All right, here we go.

First, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings

Quebec’s Human Rights Tribunal ruled in favor of a 389-pound Montreal woman who waged a five-year battle with her condominium for a preferred parking spot.

The tribunal ruled in favor of Marise Myrand, who is in her 60s, claiming one of her neighbors and the Ste.-Marie-de-Beauce condo association discriminated against her based on her handicap.

…The tribunal ordered the association to give her the parking spot and also ordered all 35 of her neighbors in the association to pay her $10,000 in damages.

Interestingly, Myrand is asking for the parking spot currently owned by a woman in her 60’s who is also physically disabled – setting up a “hierarchy of handicaps”.

Also discussed by Scaramouche, Lorne Gunter, and the Daily Squizz.

Second, An excerpt of a ditty at Dumb Old Housewives, introduced by some sage advice for Jennifer Lynch: “I suggest the HRCs also mount a proactive campaign to foster a great, big bumper crop of Canadian love.”

Dear HRC Plaintiff, I am singing this to you
And I hope that to my tone you won’t object;
My heart beats like a hammer
Please don’t throw me in the slammer
From now on all my thoughts will be correct.
I guess I’m just another hatemonger
From now on I’ll be more circumspect.

Crap! BCF got there first again!

Third, Miss Marprelate digs deep into a dismissed case and finds some typical HRT reasoning:

with respect to the alleged comment about Christmas being a celebration of Christianity, such a comment may, depending on all of the circumstances of a case, form part of an allegation of discrimination.

Parting Shot: The Libel Wars continue unabated… sigh. The blogs were terrific until lawyers got involved.


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