The Lynch List, 15-Feb-2010

It’s Monday; where do I begin?

First, The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has butted heads with Elections Canada, who doesn’t seem to back down from anything:

In its ruling, the tribunal said Elections Canada must improve accessibility at voting sites across Canada, adding that Elections Canada should also try to improve its complaint system.

I don’t see what’s so hard about a mail-in ballot, but that’s just me. Either way, we should be comforted by the fact that the taxpayer is funding both sides. Also noted by BCF.

Second, Some poorly-translated, but nevertheless pointed words against the Quebec HRC for the disabled parking stall issue:

According to ASCQ lawyers some parts of the decision go against actual jurisprudence especially concerning the liability of a syndicate of co-ownership and each and all of its co-owners.

Third, some commentary on the hate-speech libel wars. From the Calgary Herald, Hate Hunter will Finally Pay:

We are glad to see that Warman is suing Levant, not out of disagreement with the combative Calgary lawyer, but for the simple reason that Warman will finally have to spend his own money in a real court, rather than availing himself of commission time and resources at taxpayer expense.

Fourth, Amir Attaran surfaces again – providing his reasoning on why taxpayers should be forced to fund IVF treatments (he’s currently pursuing a Human Rights complaint to that effect). His argument doesn’t sound all that dissimilar from the concept of providing addicts with all the illicit drugs they want – ‘cuz we might hurt ourselves

Fifth, The Toronto Star continues to demand that all races be equally involved in crime. Scaramouche weighs in on this matter too, and states the obvious, but unmentionable, factoid that we’re all thinking:

And anyone who thinks that that’s a good thing–and who thinks that the reason Toronto police arrest a lot of “Black people” (really, young Black males) is because police are all a bunch of “profiling”-crazed bigots and not because young, Black males tend to commit a disproportionate amount of crime (is it “bigoted” to point that out?)–should think again.


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