The Lynch List, 23-Feb-2010

After the marathon list yesterday, this one is more of a shortie:

First, an advocacy group is launching a human rights complaint against several Ontario city municipalities for its zoning bylaws concerning supportive housing. Which cities?

Kathy Laird told The Observer the four municipalities were selected largely because they represent various regions of the province.

“They were an arbitrary choice, she said. “However, we did find some extreme situations in Sarnia.”

…Laird said she is hopeful each municipality will agree to mediation and acknowledge their bylaws infringe on the Ontario Human Rights Code.

To heck with the long and difficult process of democracy, let’s govern municipalities by activist groups through HRC edict!

Second, Scaramouche continues to document a back-and-forth between OHRC Commissioner Barbara Hall and the National Post editorial staff and readership over the relevance of the Human Rights institutions today.

Third, the Australian HRCs aren’t much different than our own. After all the other legal avenues had been exhausted, a Hungarian accused of war crimes has asked the Australian Human Rights Commission to intervene on his behalf. (h/t BCF)

Finally, another Guy Earle interview, and more commentary on Fulton’s transsexuals-in-the-womens’-changeroom debacle from Politic?.


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