The Lynch List, 24-Feb-2010

Away we go…

First, The University of Victoria tries – again – to evict a mentally-disabled man from campus housing while a BCHRT complaint is pending hearing in June. Want to bet the BC Human Rights Tribunal will view this as reprisal?

Second, The BC Court of Appeal affirms that the Human Rights Tribunals can act as parallel complaint mechanism to other boards and tribunals – as long as you are a lucky member of a “vulnerable” group.

The court says the Human Rights Code gives the tribunal discretion to hold a hearing into a complaint even if another body has already ruled on the matter.

Third, What to do when HRC-mandated harassment complaint procedures and training are ignored by the management of Money-Mart? Mandate more complaint procedures and training! More at WiseLaw Blog.

Fourth, Intellectually-disabled children have a human right to disrupt regular classes (I’m all for inclusive education of the disabled, but it’s not a “right”).

Fifth, Scaramouche applies her wit to the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s autobiography:

What a bunch of tommyrot! The process is not fair–since it is set up to favour the complainant, whose legal bills it picks up–not timely–it can drag on for years which, as Erza Levant has pointed out, is part and parcel of how it punishes the defendent–not accessible, or at least, accessible only to some (i.e. minorities/members of designated victim groups; if you want to complain about, say, an imam’s hateful statements you can forget about it), and not based on the kind of law and jurisprudence on which Western law is predicated (although it does bear more than a passing resemblance to Soviet and Islamic law).

Sixth, Jay Currie recommends that each of us give Rob Nicholson a piece of our mind on his fluff-stuffed NP column

Parting Shot: Notice that the majority of Canada’s medals have been won by women (11.5 of 15 so far)? Maybe the Human Rights Commissions can get to the bottom of this inequality and order the IOC to remedy the situation! How dare the Olympics award medals based on merit!


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