The Lynch List, 12-Mar-2010

First, about the Abbotsford school board threatened with a human rights complaint if they require parental permission for students to take a Grade 12 “Social Justice” course designed by gay activists. The school board has requested a judicial review of their denied application to dismiss, which will likely further delay the complaint. I’m not holding out much hope that the courts will see the light of day and return control of childrens’ education to their parents.

Second, more reaction to the BC case in which Christian owners of a Bed and Breakfast refused service to a gay couple, from Bulletproofcourier:

This case is pure crazy, here’s why:

If the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal rules in favor of the B&B owners, shouldn’t they also require them to advertise that gays aren’t welcome, to prevent future gay callers from experiencing “injury to their dignity, feelings and self-respect”? That’s crazy.

If the Tribunal rules against the B&B owners, fines them, and forces them to host gay couples going forward, what quality of begrudging welcome and service could they be expected to provide? That’s crazy too.

Third, over at Down With Everybody, someone  has managed to read the BCHRT’s annual report without going stark raving mad. One particular point of interest are the cases in which organizations submitted requests to the BCHRT to do some legal discrimination. Five programs were given the green light to discriminate on the basis of race and ancestry.

Fourth, Jay Currie is on top of the Levant/Warman libel suit, noting that Warman has made some new allegations against Marc Lemire that may be considered defamatory. Geez, when will this end?

Finally, the new leader of the Liberal Party wants to fire Jennifer Lynch – and replace her with Richard Warman.


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