The Lynch List, 15-Mar-2010

Here’s the Monday Morning (or afternoon, whatever time zone you’re in) Lynch List:

First, look up the definition of Frivolous Complaint and you’ll find this lady’s picture. She launched a human rights complaint because nobody wanted to partner with her in college classes. Seriously.

Several students in the esthetician program, who did not want to be identified, told The Daily News a different story. They were surprised to hear Hadley had filed a human rights complaint based on allegations of bullying. “We all helped her,” one student said, noting the class is a tight-knit group. She added Hadley was invited to join the class when they went out for pizza or ate together at the school’s cafeteria.

“She chose to isolate herself,” said another student.

This is exactly what the human rights system is so susceptible to: the perpetually self-victimized.

Second, I had hoped otherwise, but the Paralympic Games is about to become the Affirmative Action Games

Judy Wasylycia-Leis, the NDP’s critic for people with disabilities, said the opening ceremonies should have been broadcast live across the nation as a “symbolic” show of support for Canadians with disabilities.

…Laurie Beachell, the national co-ordinator for the Council of Canadians with Disabilities, said his organization has already contacted the Canadian Human Rights Commission about CTV’s coverage of the Olympics…

Third, here’s one for the Matrix of Rights to figure out: A bus driver refuses to bring a handicapped person on the bus because he fears for his safety.

Fourth, here’s a new (ab)use for the Human Rights Commissions: striking down mandatory minimum sentence laws for drug crimes:

Under the new sentencing guidelines, crack cocaine – most often used by black Americans – will be penalized 20 times more harshly than powder cocaine, used most frequently by white Americans. Previously, penalties for crack were 100 times harsher.

When talking about racist drug and enforcement policies like this, it’s likely that the United States, not Canada, will be the topic of conversation. After all, American mandatory minimum sentencing disproportionately affects black males.

Finally, a letter-writer in St Catherines castigates the OHRC over the Grimsby bible-distribution complaint.


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