The Lynch List, 17-Mar-2010

Happy St Patrick’s Day! While we eat, drink, and be Irish, the HRCs plod on…

First, BCF reveals that the CHRC is using you tax dollars against Ezra Levant as he defends himself against a libel suit by Giocoma Vigna:

A courtroom source informs me that the CHRC sent a non-staff lawyer, one Barbara Nicholls, to intervene in the Vigna Levant libel trial. Evidently the CHRC flak waltzed into the courtroom unannounced, approached the bench and began arguing on behalf of Vigna and the CHRC against a Levant request for disclosure.

Odd given the CHRC is not a party to this suit, nor did they file an application prior to this unnannounced intervention. But then again when did the CHRC ever show anything but contempt for due process and the rule of law.

Also noted by Moose&Squirrel and Jay Currie.

Second, the Quebec Human Rights Commission feels that it’s empowered to decide on the “significance” of religious practices. If they are significant enough, they are entitled to accommodation, but only the HRCs can distinguish.

Third, the federal government is asking for a Federal Court review of a pay-rights Tribunal decision that the government has so far ignored. Both nurses and doctors are involved in adjudicating claims for the Canada Pension Plan. The doctors are paid almost twice as much as the nurses. The government feels that they perform different functions, while the nurses (and the CHRC) believe that they are essentially doing the same work.

Why is this employment squabble a Human Rights Complaint? Why can’t it be dealt with by a labor relations board? Only because identity politics have been inserted: the nurses are 95% female while the majority of the doctors are male.


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