CHRC Gets a Little Too Cozy with the UN

So who does the CHRC work for? Jennifer Lynch routinely makes nominal, and erroneous, deference to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But we all know that the Human Rights Codes are based on the UN, rather than the Canadian, understanding of rights. So it is with interest that we can scrutinize the language of a speech given to the UN Human Rights Council, an irreparably biased body that routinely condemns Israel while ignoring atrocities in Darfur, Sri Lanka, North Korea, and Zimbabwe, to name a few.

Here’s part of the speech:

I speak on behalf of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, a National Human Rights Institution accredited with A status.

We congratulate the Independent Expert for a very informative report, and commend her efforts to make a positive impact on the protection and promotion of minority rights in Canada.

…The Commission will follow the Independent Expert’s work, in the interests of our shared objective of advancing human rights in Canada.

The report from the “Independent expert” is here. It is full of recommendations for affirmative action, with the goal being “equal enjoyment” rather than equal opportunity. Part of it details the devotion of the “Independent Expert” to the goals of the Durban racism conference:

The independent expert fully supports the outcomes of the Durban Review
Conference and urges States to fulfil their obligations and commitments in the area of antiracism,
non-discrimination and equality.

The Durban Review Conference? That exhibition of outright anti-Semitism that was boycotted by the United States, Israel, Italy, Australia, Germany, Holland, and the Commission’s own employer, Canada?

Yup. That Durban Review Conference. And, despite the Canadian Government’s declared boycott of Durban II, Jennifer Lynch was instrumental in organizing it, in her capacity as ICC chairperson. I seriously wonder how much government resources were used by Lynch to arrange and promote a conference that was boycotted by her employer.

Scaramouche has more on the CHRC’s speech, including the undeniable stench of economic egalitarianism:

Now we get to the real agenda–not “rights” so much as Marxism that wears a “human rights” smiley face: “income redistribution” as a “human right”

It is truly frightening to think that a publicly-funded institution such as the CHRC “shares the same objectives” as the UNHRC: the abolition of Israel, the criminalization of criticism of Islam, the multiplication of grossly discriminatory affirmative action policies, the condemnation of market-based economics, and the demand for a massive welfare program, paid for by the West, for the historical wrongs of slavery and colonialism.


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