The Lynch List, 19-Mar-2010

So where do we begin?

First, it sounds like the Quebec government takes its Human Rights Commission seriously: from Don MacPherson of the Gazette:

This week, the human-rights commission had the dubious distinction of producing what might be the first report ever shelved by a government before it even received it.

h/t Down With Everybody, also noted by Scaramouche

Second, since the degree of victim status is being reduced to something like a currency in the human rights system, it logically follows that those wishing to profit from the system will try to assume as many victim classes as possible. For example, the Canadian Hearing Society believes that being deaf entitles you not only to accommodations based on disability, but also victim status based on a racial minority. Really.

…the CHS (Canadian Hearing Society) is of the view that Deaf people are not only disabled, but also an ethnic (race) minority. How might we use existing legislation to combat attitudinal barriers? We may do so upon racial and disability grounds.

Third, the United States Department of State, in its report on the respect of human rights around the world notes concerning Freedom of Speech that Canada doesn’t place it in very high regard:

The Supreme Court has ruled that the government may limit free speech in the name of goals such as ending discrimination, ensuring social harmony, or promoting gender equality. It also has ruled that the benefits of limiting hate speech and promoting equality are sufficient to outweigh the freedom of speech clause in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the country’s constitutional bill of rights.


Some advocates argued that the hate speech laws limit freedom of speech and criticized the requirement that commissions process all complaints received, the procedures that permit commissions to investigate and adjudicate complaints, and the ability of complainants to file identical complaints with several provincial commissions, each of which may adjudicate without attention to others.

Fourth, yet another Toronto Star article that claims disparity in outcome, rather than opportunity, is proof of systemic racism and justifies even more intrusion into the economy by government organizations like the HRCs:

The disparities between blacks and non-blacks, Torczyner said, are cause to examine hiring and promotion policies, access to home loans and other factors affecting equity.

Fifth, you make a ridiculous complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal that doctors are paid more than nurses only because they’re usually male – and are then surprised that the workplace becomes toxic? As if accusing your employer and co-workers of being sexist won’t affect your relationship with them at work…

Sixth, think that a Commission doesn’t prejudge its findings? The Quebec HRC is planning to hold hearings on whether there is racial profiling in Quebec:

“Some might say that there is no racial profiling . . . that Quebecers are not racist and not discriminating and others might say that they are,” commission president Gaetan Cousineau said Wednesday. “We believe that it exists”

Seventh, Scaramouche notes that the CHRC has not only cozied up to the UNHRC which is dominated by the world’s worst human rights abusers, it links directly to the Commissions of the brutal totalitarian regimes themselves.

Eighth, from the Vancouver Sun, the UN presses on with its goal of worldwide communism under the guise of Human Rights:

People have a “right” to a full range of government-delivered social services, the United Nations will signal today as it launches a campaign to add city-dweller “rights” to a growing panoply of UN-endorsed economic rights.

“In today’s fast urbanizing world, the drive for democratic inclusion makes a rights-based approach to urban living an important force for social change,” says the Kenya-based UN Human Settlements Program, known as UN-Habitat.

UN campaigns typically lead to calls for aid to flow from rich to poor countries, which argue they can’t afford to implement the ideals flowing from the international body.

Ninth, the Conservative governmet isn’t exactly itching to rid the world of thought-control laws like Section 13. I won’t link directly to Xtra (NSFW), so see Moose&Squirrel or BCF for the linky.

Finally, Punchline Magazine on the complaint against Guy Earle, the Straight praises the affirmative-action demands of the UNHRC, “The main accomplishment of turning human rights into law has been to enrich the legal profession“, and Xanthippa on the CHRC intervening in a libel case.

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