The Lynch List, 25-Mar-2010

This List will not mention Ann Coulter, I promise.

First, Mark Steyn on a certain American conservative pundit, who happens to be a woman, sums it up nicely.

Translated from the original Canadian, “diversity” means “state-mandated mob-enforced conformity.” As for whether “it works” for Canadians, ask Guy Earle.

See Binks for tons of links on the subject of the aforementioned pundit.

Second, the OHRC believes an employee has a human right to pick and choose his/her own employment hours, if they are caring for a disabled relative.

Third, the bed and breakfast owners in Grand Forks, BC, are set to appear before a Tribunal on May 4 and 5. There the Tribunal will be decide who is entitled to use the Christian couple’s private property.

Fourth, a letter-writer commends the Abbotsford School District who is currently being hauled in front of the BC Human Rights Tribunal for increasing parental involvement in their childrens’ education:

The Star Chamber mentality of our overweening BC Human Rights Tribunal is truly terrifying. This unelected, non-representative, quasi-legal body has arrogated increasing powers for itself, to the point where Canadians must truly be fearful of what they say in the public marketplace.


It’s time for all of us to implore our federal government either to give the tribunals a clear and strictly limited mandate, or preferably altogether disband the human rights tribunals that have become such a scourge to our nation. It’s time for all of us to appeal to our provincial government to find the courage to re-empower parents with a greater voice and responsibility for what their children are taught.

Fifth, Scaramouche on the OHRC’s campaign to collect human rights-based data, making a salient point about the definition of such data:

…data which, in a non-“human rights” context is often called “racial profiling”


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