The Lynch List, 27-Mar-2010

It’s the weekend version of the Lynch List:

First, Joseph Brean at the National Post confirms that the closing of the CHRC offices is a PSAC tempest in a teapot.

Second, Mark Steyn picks up on what I’ve called the “land-mine of Human Rights euphamization”:

In a way, this is the logical reductio of the state ownership of human rights. In the degradation of Trudeaupia, human rights ceased to be (as they were in Magna Carta) restraints upon the King by the citizenry, and became instead restraints upon the citizenry by the Queen (Jennifer Lynch, QC). In her recent speeches, Chief Commissar Lynch has redefined “human rights” further into a synonym for her crappy bureaucracy. Now the “public” “service” union has come clean and admitted that in Canada “human rights” is defined as “jobs for life for statist hacks with benefits you can only dream of”.

In other words in Canada, you measure “human rights” by the size of the bureaucracy.

Third, a letter-writer realizes that the OHRC and Tenancy Act stacks the deck against landlords – and the Star actually prints it!

The Ontario Residential Tenancies Act, free tenant legal representation, the Ontario Landlord Tenant Board’s policies, and even the Ontario Human Rights Commission, whose housing policy requires landlords to “accommodate” tenants’ physical, emotional and financial needs to the point of the landlords’ “financial hardship,” all contribute to a system that encourages abuse.

If these factors are not investigated and addressed, good tenants will continue to suffer with higher rents (required to offset the costs of those playing the system), private affordable housing will continue to disappear as new prospective landlords are deterred from investing, current landlords will exit the rental market in frustration and taxes/user fees will increase as the various levels of governments must supply more affordable housing units.

Fourth, the Liberal Government of Ontario has effectively given the middle finger to their own Human Rights Commission. After the Tribunal ruled that its Special Diet Allowance was discriminatory and must be expanded, the government has now pulled the plug on the whole program. It sends a message loud and clear: If the Human Rights bureaucrats want to abuse their power and run the government’s programs, let them come up with the funds themselves.


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