The Lynch List, 30-Mar-2010

As the Earle hearing gets underway, this List is in tribute to the comedian who coined the phrase, “it’s not a crime to be an asshole”.

First and foremost, Guy Earle’s case is getting lots of exposure in the national media. Attending bloggers reported trouble finding a seat in the hearing room due to the heavy media presence. Even CBC reported on it, in its usual squeamish style.

Bulletproof muses on whether he should go to Day 2. Send him a comment of encouragement! He also has a short rundown of the complainant’s testimony, including alleging that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder – for being insulted.

Trupeers has a more complete account of Pardy’s testimony. It’s a gas.

BCF is keeping a running log of links.

Second, the Canadian Human Rights Commission has tabled its 2009 annual report in parliament. This will certainly provide fodder for future posts for those of us bored enough to slog through it.

Third, BCF reports that Darren Lund is appealing the decision overturning Stephen Boissoin’s conviction at the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal.

Fourth, an editorial that appeared in several local papers, Closing Offices is Not An Attack on Human Rights:

Union jobs will be lost and union honchos are more worried about that than whether Canadians can march down the street to file a human rights complaint.


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