Highlights of the Guy Earle Trial

Many thanks to BulletProofCourier for his excellent running commentary of Day 3, including the testimony and cross-examination of several witnesses. Here are the best quotes distilled from the morass:

First, there is no corroboration that Pardy approached the restaurant owner the day after the incident to request an apology in good faith. A server at the restaurant testified:

[Pardy] got quite angry and started yelling that Zesty’s was a bad place and not to eat there. There were maybe 3 tables of patrons inside who heard. She then went outside and Salam wanted to follow her, to call the police. I held him back. It seemed she was trying to get him to do something. She was outside, yelling, walking down the sidewalk, saying things about the place.” (emphasis mine)

Second, multiple witnesses dispute Pardy’s assertion that she wasn’t drunk and was only “kissing her partner on the cheek”, including fellow comedian Marlo Franson:

Ismail: “Did they appear drunk when they came in?

Franson: “They were loud, they were talking and ordering some drinks.”

Ismail: “Were they interfering with the show?”

Franson: “Sometimes it happens during a comedy show, a group of people come in, a bit noisy, but usually they settle down. They were being very affectionate with each other. Sitting close to each other, [tonguing] each other, and making out.

Ismail: “Not a kiss on the cheek?

Franson: “No.”

Third, Pardy also testified that she wasn’t aggressive. That’s true, if you don’t classify uttering death threats as being aggressive. Fellow comedian Grant Espaniel relates:

Espaniel: “As a comedian, I felt obligated to go over to the table and apologize for what happened. But Pardy wasn’t frightened of Guy, just angry. She said she wanted to break her beer bottle and stab him in the neck with it.”

Ismail: “Stab him in the neck?”

Espaniel: “Yes. She said she wanted to break the beer bottle on the edge of the table and stick it in his neck.”

And the highlight of the day: an amateur comedian, Nic Roy, responds to cross-examination questions by the lawyer for complainant Lorna Pardy:

Cousineau: Was this a major incident in your life?

Roy: [sarcastically] Yeah, I keep having nightmares and I wake up in cold sweats… I’ve been drinking every day since then.


5 Responses to Highlights of the Guy Earle Trial

  1. Roy is fucking hysterical.

  2. Patrick Ross says:

    If Nic Roy were to work up a comedy routine about the Guy Earle trial, I’d probably go see it.

  3. Maybe we could commission him…

  4. yes, hopefully damming. You don’t know this but her statement about what happened that night, was filled with lies. She wrote lies and the Tribunal said we believe lets get this started. I went in there to tell how it all started and it was plain and simple. They were making out and Guy expressed how he did not want to watch two ugly lesbians kiss in public. Pardy and company then begin hurling their insults back at him, and he back at her. She assualted him first with water and Guy was not intimidating at all to her as he only walked by her talk towards me. Now I can only report what I saw at that moment but I love truth and justice and hopefully it will prevail over lies.

  5. Hey Marlo, good to hear from an actual witness! I certainly didn’t take Pardy’s testimony at face value; she has twenty thousand reasons to exaggerate her perceived injury before a tribunal that is always very sympathetic to the complainant.

    As a witness, it’s always best to relate only what you saw and heard, not confusing it (as Lorna does) with your own interpretation of the incident. The tribunal case for Guy is already lost – the Tribunal decides things on the basis of the complainant’s hurt feelings and victim status, facts be damned. What we’re gearing up for is the inevitable court challenge that will follow. There, your credibility as a witness will be appropriately scrutinized.

    If Nic Roy isn’t available, maybe we can convince you to come up with a nice stand-up parody of the trial. I like the title – parody of Pardy.

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