The Lynch List, 12-Apr-2010

As Binks would say, time for Lynch Listery!

First: Closing arguments for the Guy Earle trial took place Friday April 9. BulletProof notes the cold reception given the media from the BCHRT, the supposed “champions of tolerance”.  He also notes that Pardy’s lawyer wants compensation comparable to a recent award for sexual assault. Salam Ismail asked for more time to make his closing arguments, and was granted a week by Geiger-Adams.

Trupeers should be giving us his rundown soon as well.

Second: and editorial in the Post by Howard Levitt which takes some case studies to show how our small businesses are being hijacked by the same do-gooders that want to police our speech:

This conundrum is exacerbated by the new Human Rights Tribunal, which permits even the most frivolous complaint to proceed to a full hearing, at overwhelming costs to employers but at no cost to employees. The Legal Support Centre then provides that employee with free legal representation. How many employers will continue rather than”settling” even ridiculous cases, thereby motivating other employees to sue?

Third: BigCityLib links to a submission by the Canadian Bar Association regarding Section 13. No, they don’t want to get rid of it, but they do want to strike down the penalty provisions. They also want to give the Tribunal the power to award costs to a defendant in frivolous complaints.

Fourth: The National Post chronicles the continuing legal fight for speech freedom in Canada: Judges Grapple With Canada’s Legal Test for Hatred

Fifth: Geoff Olson in the Courier notes the chilling effect that Pardy’s complaint is having on local comics.

Sixth: coming to a municipality near you – inequality before the law. The Toronto Police will follow different procedures when dealing with members of religious minorities.

Parting Shot: The Ottawa Comedy Resource site is now referring to the Tribunal as a “Heckler Incentive Program“.


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