The Lynch List, 14-Apr-2010

On we go!

First, the Alberta minister in charge of the province’s Human Rights Commission and Tribunal, culture minister Lindsay Blackett,  commented on the Stephen Boissoin case and recent appeal: Boissoin’s case should never have gone to the Commission at all.

Second: Steve Crowder, of Pajamas TV, editorializes on the state of free speech in his native Canada. From Big Hollywood:

See how clever this little backdoor is? When you criminalize thought through hate crime legislation, you can ultimately criminalize speech based on the premise that the words are reflective of hateful thoughts. Combine that with leftists basing their arguments on the premise that conservatives are all bigoted, homophobes (mostly because we’re all secretly gay) and you’ve got one hell of a powerful tool in your hands.

You needn’t ask Ann Coulter. Just ask Stephen Boisson, a Canadian pastor who now faces fines and possible jail time due to his speaking out against homosexuality. No he didn’t beat any gay people up, no he didn’t use words that would incite violence, and no, he wasn’t even caught rejecting advances from Boy George in a Los Angeles porta-potty. He simply stood by the doctrine of his church and actively expressed himself. Canadian human rights tribunals were not happy.

Third, a Bracebridge resident is adding a Human Rights complaint to his current lawsuit against the OPP for “unfairly charging him numerous times”. It’s hard to imagine what victim group Coldin falls under which would allow him to file a complaint, since he is a white male. Considering the types of charges that the OPP has brought against him (public nudity, criminal harassment, assault with a weapon), it’s likely on the basis of mental disability…

Fourth, Ian Levitt on the “infantalization of employees”, in the Financial Post:

Unwittingly, the courts are encouraging people to turn to them for redress of perceived offense from minor workplace dustups. Judicializing petty grievances prevents the development of a mature and resilient workforce that can cope with adversity. The upshot of such decisions is to dilute the meaning and vigor of legitimate harassment and abuse.

Courts and tribunals seem to disregard or underestimate the stress businesses and management endureto keep afloat in a competitive environment. A workplace cannot be expected to maintain the standards of a government bureaucracy such as the Ontario Human Rights Commission, which is shielded from the pressures of meeting a payroll and attaining a profit.

A similar editorial at the Globe and Mail here

Fifth, BCF reports that the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario is going to hold hearings on whether the police discriminate against men when investigating domestic disturbances. Frankly, the HRTO is the last body I’d want to have dictating to the police on how to respond to calls, discriminatory practices or not.

Finally, veterinarians shouldn’t need to learn English, and a biased tribunal member?


9 Responses to The Lynch List, 14-Apr-2010

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  2. Brian Coldin says:

    the human right is creed it appears their attempts to make the public think
    iam a crazy man and the problem is me not their corrupted justice system is
    working. you should look at and you may find some
    ps mental is they have kicked me out of my home out of my business out of my
    city fore over a year and i have never been convicted of anything and my mayor and his son inlaw were convicted of death threats to get out prior to me being kicked out

  3. David Daniels says:

    I think you should have a little more integrity than randomly showcasing your ignorance. Take a look at the w5 tv program they presented on what is happening with the abuse of power within the town of bacebridge and the OPP. This was all before any clothing optional or nude related incidents. Brain has been recieved more charges than most convicted murderes and mobsters. He has never been convicted. You are very quick to cast negative comments on a man with a family and business and you still dont have any facts. Please take a moment and educate yourself. What is happening there with the OPP is crazy and mabey one of these days it will be you.

    • Brian Coldin says:

      since my trial started sept 26 I faced 11 trial days 9 trial prep days I recieved a death threat my office was broke into by my complaitant.The next day first day
      of my trial they assaulted me in the court house. Days later my gates and signs were ripped down.I was stopped and harrassed by OPP. The same Day 3 of my
      cottages were set on fire.A call i maid to 911 was not responded to untill 29 days passed and only because Lorne Honnickman my lawyer made many calls to
      head of OPP complaining. Then another B.N.E at my home that police have to date not investigated. Short time later we were followed down hyw 11
      to a gravenhurst gas station ware we were threatend again and assulted.
      And before november was over some one cut down my giant 40 ft hyway signs whith a chain saw.OH yes I forgot to mention when i went to bracebridge court house I was arrested,strip serched,imprissoned,and charged by OPP for TRESSPASS to COURT PROPERTY but fortunately with in days the inspector tore up that charge and did appoligized for that bit of
      ABUSE. And i did thank him for that MINISCULE show of kindness. Although
      when I asked to be allowed to return to my home and business they reply
      was not a chance.Lets sing OH OH CANADA ——WHARE ARE YOU NOW!

  4. Brian and David:

    Brian has every right to pursue justice through the civil or criminal courts. I’m not making any judgment as to the validity, or lack thereof, of the charges he is bringing against the OPP. Nor am I prejudging the police’s charges against Brian.

    What I am asking is why, and under what grounds, he is pursuing a complaint through the human rights system. Why should he get the protection of the HRTs when others cannot?

    • Brian Coldin says:

      The anser is CREED the opp are trying to close down my clothing oppional beach and kick me out of town because iam a NATURALIST

      • Aaron Buttigieg says:

        Brian, as fellow naturist, as well as someone who has dealt with police corruption, we’re behind you. If you start to seem crazy in the public eye, it’s because “sane” ppl rarely make history or challenge authority. Keep fighting buddy. I’ve been trying to find more news about the nudity trial. Has a verdict been rendered, or is it still ongoing?

  5. David K. Ausiku says:

    All people should abide by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All people are equal in dignity and rights. Justice should be justice for all. The foreigners who supported former Racist Government of South Africa forced me out of my mother land Namibia. When I came to the country of peace and full of opportunities, I was made an experiments on my leg.

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