The Lynch List, 16-Apr-2010

You know the drill:

First, Adrian McNair draws attention to the BC NDP’s attempts to have “social condition” recognized as a prohibited ground of discrimination, by adding it to the provincial Human Rights Code. So now the ever-shrinking group of those with no rights include those who happen to be white, non-status, able-bodied, heterosexual, male, and now self-sufficient. From the NDP’s announcement:

In Kwan’s bill, the term “social condition” includes anyone in a socially identifiable group that suffers from social or economic disadvantage on the basis of income, occupation, poverty, lack of adequate housing, or any similar circumstance.

Once this passes, comedians won’t be able to put down poor or unemployed hecklers, either. What to do…

Second, the Saskatchewan Government is going the other way. It may scrap its provincial Human Rights Tribunal in favor of a court-based system, a la Tim Hudak.

“I think there are supporters of the [governing] Saskatchewan Party who aren’t happy with decisions of human rights tribunals over the years and that is part of the motivation here,” Mr. Quennell said, pointing to a particular tribunal decision that found a Regina marriage commissioner had discriminated against a same-sex couple by declining to marry them.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission is on board with this move – if they’re happy, I’m worried. Also noted by Alberta Aardvark,

Third, Walker Morrow posts on the petition at, but points out some possibly legitimate reasons not to sign…

Fourth, don’t miss the Mark Steyn vs Haroon Siddiqui cagematch! Yes, I’m dreaming. But here’s the next best thing:

Haroon Siddiqui airily attributes the anti-niqab campaign to “an unholy alliance of leftist feminists, right-wing bigots and Quebec nationalists.” “Bigots,” huh? Even in an unholy alliance, some allies are less legiti­mate than others. Mr. Siddiqui’s friends in public universities, in state media, in government agencies, in taxpayer-funded agitprop groups and the rest of bien pensant Canada have no problem labelling people as beyond the pale. Siddiqui’s mistake was in assuming he and the state would always see eye to eye about whom it was okay to revile.

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