The Lynch List, 19-Apr-2010

Barbara Hall is chortling again in this edition of the Lynch List:

First, in yet another installment of Where Two Leftist Principles Collide, we have a trifecta: the Toronto Pride Parade, the Israeli Apartheid movement, and the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Throw in the City of Toronto and we have a serious problem in leftland.

Second, Howard Levitt is at it again in his latest column, pointing out the similarities between human rights “law” and employment “law”.

Just as human rights laws were written largely by advocates who profit from finding racism when none exists, employment legislation has been written by left-wing advocates with an interest in the perpetration of unions and the emasculation of corporate power. The resultant risk is not merely that of Canadians becoming infantilized; it is the risk of employers becoming too complacent or timorous to resist the increasing encroachments of the nanny state. It is also the risk of an environment wherein the best thinkers and innovators depart to more commodious jurisdictions.

Third, NDP bloggers are not happy about Saskatchewan’s plan to axe the Tribunal in favor of a court-based system. No delusion here, nope:

Simply put, tribunal systems (backstopped by judicial review in exceptional cases) are the simplest, fastest, cheapest way for an individual’s concerns about a specific matter to be dealt with by a neutral decision-making body.

And if you thought it was only the NDP who are up in arms about the concept that people might actually have to work for their money, look no further than the always cordial Big City Liberal:

…has the [human rights] system really been delegitimized? Ezra Levant, his momma, and a few whackjobs like Issac think so. I’m not convinced anybody else does.

So not only are we “over-committed freedom of speech freaks” but now we’re “whackjobs” too.

Fourth, a complaint against the town of Arnprior was suddenly, and without reason, dropped. The tribunal chair has refused comment. Transparency indeed.

Parting Shot: Barbara Hall is surprised that the streamlined complaint handling system in Ontario has seen a deluge of complaints. I agree: it’s astounding that people will be so motivated by a free shot at a lot of money, as in five figures, as long as you are a part of a designated victim group. It completely floors me why people would participate in a form of a lottery system, in which the tickets are free but able-bodied white males need not apply. (/sarc)


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