The Lynch List, 21-Apr-2010

The latest on the ‘roos…

First, it’s brave souls as these who venture the time and money to challenge the Tribunals in real courts. Though it often grants them little reprieve, each Tribunal decision overturned by a smirking judge represents another nail in the coffin of the Human Rights system.

A disabled Osoyoos man installed a solar screen in contravention of his strata bylaws, and was told to take it down. He complied, but then complained of a worsening of his condition and enlisted the BCHRT to help him fight the council and score some dough from his neighbors.

The specifics of the case are somewhat irrelevant; what’s on trial is the Tribunal’s handling of the complaint, and the overstepping of its authority in forcing all of us to conform to their moral standard.

Second, if it’s good for the goose, it’s good for Alberta! The Calgary Herald wants some of what Saskatchewan is having: an HRT-free province.

Alberta’s government should follow suit. We have long argued that human rights tribunals lack due process. Unlike a proper trial, for instance, quasi-judicial human rights tribunals are not obliged to follow normal rules of evidence. For proof of how flawed the tribunal process can be, one need only read the Dec. 3, 2009, decision by Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Earl Wilson that overturned an Alberta human rights tribunal finding against Red Deer youth pastor Stephen Boissoin.

Also noted by BCF.

Third, what to do if a cab driver is rude to your kids? Well, for most of us, we are SOL. Maybe complain to the taxi company, refuse to use them again, or find the taxi and, ahem, decorate it. But if your kid happens to be a member of a victim group, it’s drive-through justice on the taxpayer’s dime…

Fourth, from the National Post, Human Rights Take a Trip to La-La Land. They’re now inventing another human right over in Europe, the right to a vacation. From Tasha Kheiriddin:

Wow.  Talk about a reason to move to Europe if you’re a senior, youth, disabled person, or family in “difficulty”.  And talk about a reason to flee if you are a working stiff whose taxes will be used to fund vacations for all these people.   Aesop’s fable of the exhausted ant, toiling while the grasshopper plays, has perhaps never found greater application.

This announcement makes a complete mockery of the term “human rights”, which is already so abused as to have completely lost its meaning.  The modern concept of “human rights” has become code for “wealth transfer”.  Since 1948 bureaucrats from the UN to the EU have seen fit to accord humanity rights to standards of living, social security, free elementary education, leisure time, and now EasyJet junkets to Spain.

More from Bulletproof.

Fifth, it’s the game that ties you up in knots! Daniel Lublin in the Metro describes the Twister game that employers need to play to avoid the crushing grip of the Human Rights system:

Sweeping changes to human rights legislation and left-leaning adjudicators directed to interpret remedial legislation — such as human rights laws — in a broad and inclusive manner, should leave employers very concerned. Here are some of the reasons why.

Read more here.

Sixth, Visit Binks!

Finally, Yes to Saskatchewan’s Axe Plan, Kitty has more Steyn, and Barbara Hall’s Field of Dreams.


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