The Lynch List, 23-Apr-2010

Happy Friday! Happy Lynch List!

First: It’s $17,000 to a Filipino boy in Quebec who wasn’t allowed in school to eat with a fork and a spoon at the same time. The principal, was found to be at fault for not immediately implementing a policy on intercultural education. I’d like to try that – get my kid to wear a baseball cap to school, and when told to take it off act like he’s been scarred for life. Whammo, $17K.

Second: What’s next in the Marxification of our Human Rights Commissions? A BC government policy that rewards seniors if they make some income – any income- is the subject of a complaint because it’s discriminatory against seniors who don’t work. C’mon, if there’s free government money to be had, then everyone should get it.

Third, who knew? The Ontario Human Rights Commission had set minimum service levels for some of the services that the province’s municipalities supplies. In this case, the city will have to answer to the Commission if they can’t keep the buses running on time. Why does that sound so familiar? “…they made the trains run on time…”

Fourth, Mark Steyn on the culture of snitching developing in Britain. Maybe Jenny Lynch will organize a junket to fly over there and study their best practices.

Finally, maybe Rahim Jaffer can file a complaint, and pit-bulls can hurt your feelings.

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