The Lynch List, 3-May-2010

A shorter one for you today:

First, Brian Lilley reports that the Conservative government has no intention of doing anything about the federal Human Rights Commission and its Code, including Section 13. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

Don’t expect Commissioner Lynch to bring about change to way the system works, at least not in anyway that protects and respects the fundamental freedoms Canadians cherish such as free expression. I use free expression on purpose just so that I don’t confuse CHRC staff who think free speech is an American concept without value but free expression is truly Canadian. Asking Ms. Lynch this week about changing well documented problem behaviours in the CHRC, she tried to tell me that they are rated as one of the best places to work by civil servants and that they are continually improving.

Glad to see that the CHRC is at least making civil servants happy.

Second, more commentary on the fight for girls to play with the boys. The intellectuals claim that the floodgates won’t open because of these new rulings. “Girls still want to play with girls”, one says.

Completely ignoring the fact that boys still want to play with boys. But that’s not allowed.

Third, yet another installment of When Two Leftist Principles Collide: What will the Ontario Human Rights Commission do with a union member who allegedly uttered a racial slur? The union said, while it is unacceptable for their members to make racial slurs, it will defend its member against the allegations. The victim, as is par for the Human Rights course, is now on heavy medication and has lost his job, all due to the alleged insult.


2 Responses to The Lynch List, 3-May-2010

  1. The Christian Heritage Party has the elimination of Section 13 of the CHRA in its program. Just FYI.

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