The Lynch List, 10-May-2010

Here we go again…

First, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty demonstrates a most effective way to fight poverty. First, encourage everyone to take advantage of any and every government program possible, often using fraudulent means. When the government reacts to the ballooning costs of the programs, take them to the Human Rights Commission. When the government subsequently decides to back off from the poverty alleviation business, due to unsustainable costs, threaten mob rule:

In its manifesto, OCAP has declared: “Over the next few months OCAP will confront Liberal government leaders at their local offices, we will challenge them in any and all public spaces; we will work to make them thoroughly unwelcome in our communities across Ontario. This government is scared of being challenged and of civil unrest — we need now to deliver a level of disruption that creates a crisis for McGuinty.

Then the coup de grace: declare expensive food to be an entitlement. After all, it just grows on trees, doesn’t it?

By cutting off the Special Diet, the government is essentially stealing food off poor people’s plates.

Second, Mark Steyn is now a Human Rights Activist too!

Third, in the interest of increasing the number of complaints being filed, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal is now accepting complaints filed on behalf of those who are too mentally disabled to file complaints for themselves. Busybody do-gooders every rejoice!

Since the object is to give voice to those who have none, it makes me wonder… can I file a human rights complaint on behalf of an unborn person?

Fourth, wanna know how much the federal Human rights Tribunal members are expensing to the taxpayer’s tab? Over a hundred grand per year

Fifth, a Saskatchewan lawyer demolishes law professor Ken Norman’s reasoning in support of the province’s human rights tribunal. A good read.

Sixth, visit for the latest at Binks if you are so inclined!

2 Responses to The Lynch List, 10-May-2010

  1. If HRTs are now filing on behalf of retards, then I should expect to be served soon for disrespecting my favourite Libtards.

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