The Lynch List, 20-May-2010

Fresh for your Friday Morning Reading:

First, on the Christian Horizons appeal decision, which overturned much of the Tribunal’s ruling but still left many questions unanswered. According to The Record, both sides are declaring victory, contradicting each other in their interpretations of the ruling. I will hold my tongue until I get my hands on the ruling itself.

Second, the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commissioner David Arnot describes how he’d like to see the system changed here in Saskatchewan. Yes, he’d like to dissolve the Tribunal and have all hearings heard by the Court of Queen’s bench. But he also wants several other things, including:

Arnot says most Canadians don’t understand the Constitution, the basics of government or the Human Rights Code and he’d like to see a “new set of 3 Rs” taught in schools: rights, responsibilities and respect, similar to the program he inspired as provincial treaty commissioner.

So, if he can’t beat us all into submission with Tribunal orders, it’s now time to start the indoctrination of your kids. Human Rights Commissions lecturing anyone on the Constitution is far beyond any black kettle/pot cliche.

Third, want a look at the (redacted) manual for the CHRC’s investigations of Section 13 cases? It’s the one that Marc Lemire was repeatedly rebuffed for on Freedom of Information requests. The Privacy Commission rapped the CHRC for refusing, and forced them to supply the guide. Here it is. (Thanks Walker!)

Fourth, another victim group has come out of the woodwork in support of Section 13. The ACLC, which claims to represent all blacks just like the CJC represents all Jews, wants Section 13 preserved for the supposed safety of the black community. Strange, since there has never been a single anti-black piece of hate speech brought before the Tribunal.

Fifth, the Calgary Herald tells author Marci McDonald (who wrote a book about a big, scary, religious right), where to find the real scary fundamentalists – at the Human Rights Commissions.


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