The Lynch List, 27-May-2010

It’s all about Quebec today…

First: The Quebec Human Rights Commission is following its sister Commission in Ontario on the racial profiling issue. One, claim that a massive problem exists in the absence of causative evidence. Two, assume that government coercion is the best way to deal with it. Three, hold a “hearing” in which you give handpicked participants a forum to make unsubstantiated anecdotes, in an effort to  “alert the public.”

Second: Ever been called a liar? The Quebec Human Rights Commission thinks that the pain and suffering from enduring such a horrific insult should be worth about $18,000.

Third: A reasoned analysis of the Lemire vs CHRC appeal

Fourth: The CHRC will be holding another forum in November, focusing on such things as “workplace enablers” for aboriginal people. Is that yet another euphemism for affirmative action? Maybe you should take their survey and give them some constructive suggestions. (h/t Scaramouche)


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