The Lynch List, 02-Jun-2010

Your latest list of Lynch victims…

First: The Tribunal is the best place for emotive testimony and wild unprovable claims – because it’s all about feelings, not truth, after all. The complaint against the Vancouver Ambassadors got ugly in a hurry, with a witness for the complainant stating that a nineteen-year-old recruit in training allegedly slandered the homeless at one point. Shock and awe.

Second: Once you claim that health care is a human right, there will be endless complaints of whether certain medical procedures are a human right or not. The latest? MS sufferers. A pity the Canada Health Act prohibits them from buying the services themselves.

Third: The Harper Government is resisting attempts by the UN to impose yet another list of collective rights on the nations of the world. The Liberals, of course, are apoplectic. Meanwhile, Amnesty International doesn’t think that Canada’s signature is required to make the declaration binding on us:

The government continued to make baseless claims that the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples does not apply in Canada.

Baseless claims? Like the fact that we haven’t signed onto this? Does Amnesty think we have a one-world government?

Fourth: The employment lawyers are all abuzz about this new development in their field: demanding bosses can now be taken to a Human Rights Tribunal. With the caveat, of course, that the complainant is either a visible minority, is overweight, or is older. Time to put on some weight…

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