The Lynch List, 18-Jun-2010

Some light weekend reading…

First: The CHRC is out for Terry Tremaine’s blood again, hauling him in front of Federal Court on accusations that he breached the conditions placed on him by the Tribunal – rather brazenly, too. It is interesting to see in this case how the CHRC is flexing its legal muscle in order to keep the screws on the racists, since it could always turn its attention to bear on other perceived speech and thought crimes…

Second: The BC case of the complaint against a Christian Bed&Breakfast operators for refusing to welcome gays into their home has some parallels in Britain. Two separate cases are underway in Britain, in which gays are suing Christian B&B owners for refusing to let them, er, sleep in their homes.

Third: What would happen to the nasty anti-Semite Salman Hossain if the CHRC didn’t exist? Exactly what’s happening now – nothing. A little choosy with our targets, aren’t we?


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